Why The United States Should Spread Capitalism

By Capitalism in this post, I am referring to the laissez-faire kind with no social controls.

Let me elaborate on what legit Capitalism is about.

Economically, Capitalism ensures economic transactions between private entities are completely free from government interferences like regulations, tariffs, subsidies, and entitlements.

Socially, Capitalism declares the following:

  1. The Individual is the primary unit of society
  2. The Individual has an organic right to civil liberties
  3. Physical Nature is a self-regulator
  4. Corporations are government entities and should therefore be monitored by individuals to make sure they do not disrupt the self-regulatory nature of economy, society & culture

In Foreign Policy, Capitalism enacts Free Trade, the best tool to use to force Authoritarian governments to reform to Libertarian ones. Now – as Foreign Policy is my strong suite, I will first speak of Free Trade then of what to do when all Free Trade options have been exhausted.

Here are the reasons America must Spread Capitalism to End Salafism:

Reason #1 – Unrestricted Free Trade should be the US’s primary tool in the Global War on Tyrants!

As the Cold War proved to us from 1941 to 1991, Capitalism and Free Trade lead to weakening of Genocidal Empires by means of turning their slaves and their still-alive victims on to libertarian and/or objectivist ideals, and motivating them to revolt [in most cases] peacefully. Free Trade with populations [not with governments] motivates enslaved populations to commit themselves to Civil Disobedience against their slavers.

  1. Free Trade with Korea led to the weakening of the North Korea regime to a point where they were no longer willing to keep trying to annex South Korea.
  2. Free Trade with Japan is much of what allows the Japanese monarchy of today to stay Liberty-focused
  3. Free Trade with European nations is much of what allowed them to eventually throw off the Soviet Empire in 1991 and become the continent of freedom-focused secularism it is today.
  4. Free Trade with Israeli population is most of how they were and are able to stay in tact so strongly and for so long as for them to have the blessing of their Nonreligious demographic growing to 65% of the population.

Foreign Aid, free money for other nations, will NOT solve the problems we know as Tyrants. Rather they go straight to Governments, therefore leading the tyrannical ones to spend our money on assailing us for us simply treating women, my fellow nonreligious, my fellow evolutionists and others like human beings.

Reason #2 – Foreign Aid is the Ally of the Salafi Empire. Free Trade is the Enemy of the Salafis.

This is why I say Foreign Aid is an enemy of the Capitalist Federation [America, Israel, Britain, Japan, Germany, and the rest of OECD] and the ally of the Salafi Empire, who by the way has been around for 1383 years! Because Foreign Aid is always for governments, while Free Trade is always for populations.

Foreign Aid also restrains the populations of the nations it is directed at the governments of, to an extent, by making the nation dependent on a currency that is completely foreign to them, as opposed to them being able to set a Hard Money Standard based on the most abundant precious metal or precious gem of their land. Granted, thats if they are willing but that is an Economy topic and this post is about Foreign Policy.

You can argue all you wish that Foreign Aid is a matter of giving it to countries that are actually our friends. But I still oppose foreign aid in general. And, given the above factual thoughts, why would I make any exceptions?

Legit, the US currently gives something like $18-and-a-half billion to the Salafi Empire and another $half-billion to the Fahiq Empire {Iran & Iraq, name coined by me based on the Arabic word “Fahiq” for “Jury” being part of the current Iranian government’s name for itself [Vilayat-e Fahiq, “Guardianship of the Jurists“]}. Every year. Legit ally Israel on the other hand? Just $3 billion. But with Israel, we need to replace foreign aid with respect for its sovereignty and refusal to ever dictate how it defends itself. With these two Theocracy Empires, however, they are vastly opposed to every principle that Libertarianism, Objectivism & the USA have in common, to a point where they are spending our tax dollars on their conspiracies to kill our population’s entire Nonreligious 23%, among other Non-muslim and also libertarian muslim demographics.

Reason #3 – Capitalism Feeds; Salafism Kills.

The Salafi Empire has a very long, One thousand, Three hundred and Eighty-three year history of sparking genocides, slaveries, terrorisms, and famines all over the Earth. The Capitalist System, on the other hand, does not create slavery or poverty or any of the above negativities. On the contrary, capitalism actually FREES people to decide for themselves how to prosper and how to do so without resorting to any violent crimes; including, if a person has any interest in making money off her creation or not.

Capitalism is Moral and Heroic because it teaches & preaches that people ought to be free to control their own lives in a level operating field, where all transactions are voluntary and happen ever so naturally. Capitalism also gets its Heroism from ensuring that the government cannot interfere except to punish violent crime or property crime.

Salafism is Immoral and Villainous because it convinces people that one must take a literalist, legalist and puritanical approach to the Koran and that one can commit any violent crime as long as it was done for the faith or for the deity. It also motivates governments to execute indigestible numbers of their own population. It motivated Pakistan in 1971 to murder 3,000,000 of its own in 9 months.


So what am I getting at with all said an done? I am answering the real question of US foreign policy today:

How should the United States Spread Capitalism?”

My answer; is we should rely mainly on Free Trade while still maintaining a highly funded, all-volunteer military should Free Trade not be effective, though Free Trade usually is effective as made evident in its 5-decade track record starting in 1941. Thanks all,



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