Disturbed Immortalized Album Review

Good god! I never thought I would see Disturbed do music again! But, as it turns out – they come out with this magical album called Immortalized!

So I will celebrate by writing a review of Immortalized!


  1. Why were these bonus tracks bonus tracks? They’re too epic to be bonus tracks, all 16 of these songs aught to be PRIMARY tracks!


  1. Classical Disturbed style of rocking out returns
  2. I love the build up “Eye of the Storm” is to Immortalized
  3. Anyone who saw the Disturbed YouTube lyric video about Immortalized knows this album matches up to it!
  4. The Vengeful One is a phenomenal song as was in the official theatrical YouTube video!
  5. the song “Open Your Eyes” reminded me of the fact that no one should ever go to TV or Radio for the so-called “Real News” which makes it lovably rockin
  6. The Light had some interesting ideas about the metaphors of light and dark for good and evil respectively, and is even the first song to ever say stuff like “sometimes the dark can lighten the path”. Regrettably I don’t remember the exact lyrics.
  7. What You Waiting For is a fantastical song for all time!
  8. the song “You’re Mine” was plenty fun to sit through, both musically and lyrically.
  9. When I first saw this album had a song called “Who”, I was not sure what to expect. But then I heard it and was enjoyably mesmerized!
  10. I could actually connect a little to the song “Save Our Last Goodbye” as many of my… friends… that graduated my high school with me in 2013 revel in using my loyalty to them as a warrant to treat me like used trash bags.
  11. I think “Fire it Up” was a bit of humor to listen to, especially with a metaphorical label like “Devil’s Plant”
  12. While intensely mellow for a Metal album, at least “Sound of Silence” has some artistic mix-up of words and all that.
  13. Never Wrong… where do I begin with this song? I love how I can perceive this thing as a cautionary song against pretending to know everything about any topic in particular! Love that!
  14. there is an intriguing song called “Who Taught You How to Hate”. Perhaps this is a musical ad for forgiveness, or perhaps it is one advertising mutual respect between people in Civil Society.
  15. the song “Tyrant”… I adore how viciously anti-Dictator this magically angelic song is!
  16. Legion of Monsters! What images come to your head when you hear this song? Because I think of Rashidun, Umayyad, Abbasid and Ottoman Empires that ISIS initially set itself up as. That made this song a breeze for me to hear
  17. The Brave and the Bold. Wonderful music here. Must I go on?

Final Verdict

So here is the final verdict – Immortalized, the album; is a 94. Gorgeous thing! So what did my fellow Disturbed Ones out there think of this album? Perhaps you can tell me in the reply box. Thank you David Draiman, Dan Donegan, Mike Wengren, and John Moyer for this perfect music;



Disturbed 2015 album foresight and early beliefs

Now Earth,

I will be completely honest – I am very metal-headed in my music preferences. Disturbed and Lamb of God are respectively my gold band and silver band in terms of how abundantly loved they are by me.

Which brings me to somethings I have been pondering over in regards to the gold one – their currently promoted album Immortalized. I am looking quite far forward to this album, and to buying a physical copy from my closest mall to local.

You see, my town I live in has not but my workplace and a superior local public library to most I have seen in towns nearby, as far as motives to leave one’s house goes. Even the first town south of me has a vast wealth of hiking zones, and I prefer cycling to hiking when I get the exercise to stay slender for the blue-eyed slender brunettes of the globe! The first town straight east of me has my preferred mall to go to, especially for the purchase of this grandeur of albums

Let me think here… I am predicting I will have almost nothing but positives to say about this album. I predict that I will have mixed beliefs about that’s album’s song “Fire It Up” and that will be as close to a legit list of negatives as I get.

Yes, I am predicting that positively for this gold band – I adore their music. All of it.

One more thing before either of you or I say this post is at its close, if you do not already know who Disturbed is – they are a hard rock band spawned from the Illinois metropolis we know as Chicago. They are David Draiman as leader and singer, Dan Donegan as guitarist, John Moyer as bassist, and Mike Wengren as drummer. They are all amazing people for coming together with each other to make this magic. Thank you my planet,


Some Red Meat Positives only FDA approved for Nutritional Googles

Hello Earth.

I could not help but notice there were some positive facts about red meats that the FDA seems to only want you to know from Google searches. I find this behavior of theirs very repulsive but therefore very typical of them, Democrats, the Left and of Big Government in general. But lets not carried away in negativities like the existences of the above and let us speak of what else is right about red meat besides extra high protein content. In other words, let’s keep this post about entirely about food and not at all about politics.

Now, let us begin with me saying there are three major red meats I can name that are immensely often regarded as red meat: Beef, Mutton, and Venison.

But I must ask myself, which of these three to begin with first? Should I go down these in order from most to least often marketed? Because that is what perhaps I must do here:

Here is the full throttle of beef nutrition:

Full beef nutrition facts

You can see that beef has an insane amount of Vitamin B, in fact more full of vitamin B than protein! No sugar, as beef only needs sugar in a recipe for elaborate cooking that puts them together. And that’s if you want to do such recipes in your own home. Iron is also of significant volume when it comes to beef

Next we turn to Mutton, most often marketed as Lamb:

Mutton Nutrition

Once again, like beef, mutton is also insane with its Vitamin B output but ultimately that is a good thing for your heart, believe it or not. Granted mutton has more protein than it has vitamin B but perhaps… well, let’s take note of the superior good fat to bad fat ratio this angelic magic we know as mutton has on the other angelic magic we know as beef. Unlike beef, mutton naturally lacks Trans fat and has therefore more room for the good-for-you brands of animal fat: Unsaturated and, not listed in either file, but; the Omega ‘fatty acids’.

Lastly, and probably due to it being more of a “game” food than of a “market” food, we conclude with Venison:

Venison Nutrition

Perhaps a bizarre thing to note about Venison is that has more bad fats than good, but extremely minimal fat overall, having less than half the total fat of beef. The protein content matches that of beef, and for Venison, I observe the Vitamin B content is…. Wow! The best brand of Vitamin B insanity of all the meats covered in this post! Love it!


You know,… what did we learn tonight [it’s almost 10pm on a Monday as of this post being born]? Its that red meats are far from purely good for you but they are not purely bad for you either. Quite deeply in the middle but very slightly more often good for you than bad, as we have just used screen captures from early Googles of mine to paint a picture of above. Take care of yourselves, and your brains. Thank you people of the planet,


My Platform

Do expect language similar to the Libertarian Party platform for this one. But please do not expect me to agree with them on even one thing Foreign Policy. Please and Thank you.

Chapter 1 – Personal Freedom

1.1 – Rights to Bodily Integrity

Individuals have all right to their own bodies, regardless of their gender. If I want to wear dark black Disturbed shirts all summer in my personal time, I can! I should be free to do so. In other examples, if I want to eat lots of meat and eat vegetables sparingly, I can! I should also be free to do that. No person, group, or government on Earth should ever be allowed to restrict what rights people have to their own bodies. The principle rights to bodily integrity are Freedom of Food and Freedom of Dress [aka Freedom of Apparel].

1.2 – Freedom of Thought

Science, my faith of choice, NEEDS puritanical Freedom of Expression in order to work itself out correctly. This is why I support abolishing absolutely ALL politically correct norms, laws, and policies; whether it is an employer applying PC to social media policy, or the FCC forcing PC onto TV and radio stations. The other thought freedoms science and I both breathe are Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Media, and Freedom of Conscience. I rage against any government action favoring or assailing any faith in particular.

1.3 – Privacy

I always demand government to stop spying on me and start being transparent. I believe that NSA can only be morally valid if every search it does is conducted with a warrant. Same logic I apply to the Patriot Act. Instead of either growing it or abolishing it, I would easily rather, for example, that we just reform it to demand government to have a warrant to install those cameras onto properties it does not own, maybe even to pay property owners an hourly fee for them to allow the cameras to exist. Otherwise, do not bother me with peaceful activities I am doing within my US Constitution Rights.

1.4 – Personal Friendships and Romances

Who does government think they are? Controlling my taste in women and attempting to force an artificial taste in friends on me? Oh, wait. That’s not what most fellow Americans are expecting of this particular tenet… Marriage Laws, you say? REPEAL THEM ALL!!! The very concepts of marriage laws [yes, including court rulings like the marriage one of late] was Criminalized 239 years ago by Every founding father, when they ratified the Constitution without it including the word “marriage” even once! Not sure about anyone reading this, but as for me I am the absolute only person I want making decisions about my taste in friends, and I especially do not want anyone but myself making decisions even remotely related to my eternal love of slender curvy brunettes with blue eyes!

1.5 – Right to Life

Okay, gonna get a lot of slander for this one, but… government should be completely devoid of involvement in this issue. Let Zoologists like my far-future self issue biological, capitalism-based incentives for women to voluntarily incubate and nurture their incubating young as our Cynodont ancestors did with their young, 220 million years before us. Cynodonts laid eggs as their version of conception, I grant you, but that does not change the fact that fetuses incubating in mammal wombs are us mammals’ equal to bird, reptile, amphibian, and yes even fish embryos incubating in the eggs. Birth for them is hatching, but mammals like humans like us give birth to live young. So, I reiterate, keep government NOT involved in this issue, on behalf of EITHER side of this debate.

1.6 – Crime and Justice

Firstly, we must abolish ANY laws against any behaviors that are neither violent crimes nor property crimes. Secondly, I say that property crimes should be handled with rehab, with arson being the only exception. Thirdly, arson and all violent crimes should be very harshly punished, after forensic biology proves the suspect is very obviously guilty of whatever crime they are suspect of. This is something that should be handled entirely by the province and city governments, never at all by the nation government. I believe that this brand of handling legitimate crime should be conducted with literalist interpretation of the entire US Constitution.

1.7 – Self-Defense

Whoever advocates getting rid of the Second Amendment or other Rights to Self Defense is either a naive coward or a venomous criminal. Whoever uses propaganda to justify this activism is both. For a woman or man should be fully legally able to retaliate to her or his assailant on her or his terms. Citizens should also absolutely have the right to stop their attempted assailants from succeeding in their attack in the first place. I therefore refuse to ever let anyone brainwash me into supporting bans or even limits to Right to Self-Defense. People must be allowed to defend themselves armed or unarmed, with or without including firearms in their self-defense pattern.

Chapter 2 – Economic Freedom

2.1 – Property Rights

I respect all property rights of all people at all times. I observe that property rights are very important to sustaining prosperity for all demographics in one’s own civilization. Any government law against property rights must be repealed. NOW.

2.2 – Environment

I don’t support using laws or any kind of government involvement in the issue of man-made climate change. I support keeping government out of this issue and letting Ecologists provide ecological, capitalism-based incentives for renewable fuel types like Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Wave Power, and a number of others.

2.3 – Natural Resources

As I have noted above, it lies upon ecologists, NOT the government, to provide capitalistic incentives for renewable energy. For example, ecologists can write books about the best energies from a scientific view and sell these books to energy company people so that the energy company people know which fuels are the cleanest, and figure out with their business view of things which of the cleanest fuels is also the cheapest in terms of price.

2.4 – Government Balance and Budgets

Rand Paul says it best in the primary debates that the reason we don’t have a balanced budget is because we agree to pay off the national debt gradually and then we forget that agreement 20% of the way down that road. Those were not his exact words, but he does make the perfect point. The reason we cannot pay off the debt is because we throw away money on things that we do not need. The only things government spends on that we do need it to spend on is the highly chivalrous and valor-filled US Military. Abolish the government budgets for and involvement in all else, and then you will see a pattern of surpluses that 100% of the dollars of should be and will be used to pay down the debt and reverse it into a balance. In theory, if only we would replace the Democrat politicians with Libertarian Party ones. As for how to fuel this growth, replace our entire taxation system with the FairTax law, which takes 23 cents from every dollar charged in every sale price in the $3 million per small business generated by the 8 million small businesses of America.

2.5 – American and Foreign Currencies

Why, oh why, is the federal reserve not ceasing to exist? Why also do we not have a Hard Money approach to currency? Well, guess what? We need to make these reforms and legalize and regulate all foreign currencies, as Congress has the power to Regulate Non-USD currencies, but does NOT have the power to Criminalize Non-USD currencies. There is an irrefutable difference.

2.6 – Pure Capitalism

No, I am not speaking of Free Market anarchism. I am speaking of the classical Laissez-faire system of Adam Smith’s literature. I support the right to choose whether or not you profit off your passion, and the right to choose how much of your profit you wish to give to charity, politics and other outgo sources. I recommend though you do NOT buy into invests you CANNOT afford. Simple as that. I oppose the very suggestion of subsidies, entitlements, wage laws, or anything that Adam Smith would NEVER have endorsed for ANY economy on the Earth.

2.7 – Labor Markets

I support right to work and the right to choose what kind of work you wish to make profit shares from. I oppose any and every labor union and call for them to be replaced with NGOs [Non Government Organizations] that take a Voluntarist approach to encouraging youngling workers like myself to join them.

2.8 – Education

People of the entire planet, I have a very simple idea of proper education: The only moral way to handle education socially is to leave it entirely to individuals; and the only moral way to handle education economically is to leave it entirely to the private sector.

2.9 – Healthcare

When last I looked, Doctors, not politicians, are qualified to market medical items and set up medical policies. And the last time I checked, medical topics are not even alluded to by the US Constitution.

2.10 – Social Security

Let people control their retirement and they will be richer and better-to-do. To that end, we must reform our current system into a Voluntaristic program provided by the private sector and sponsored by consenting individuals.

Chapter 3 – Armed Freedom

3.1 – Strong Military

We should not ever make budget cuts to the military, as it is currently a minority of legit financial size; but we should also NEVER make national service mandatory by any means. I support a very strong, very capable, and fully voluntary US Military. Evidence indicates the stronger the US Military is, the less willing Tyrants of the world are to violate their neighbors, or We The People of the US for that matter.

3.2 – Monitoring Abroad

There are many things happening abroad that prove we need to be observing all the world around us and therefore the NSA should focus its observing on other nations. This is legitimately the only way for us to be able to gather absolute evidence that a Tyrannical government has violated a particular Freedom.

3.3 – International Affairs

Indeed there is a very valid desire to not reacting to every human rights violation with another war. But a desire that is equally valid is the desire to actually DO THINGS to PUNISH human rights violations by tyrannical governments. This is why almost every foreign affair should be addressed through Diplomacy and Free Trade, and we should rely very sparingly on war powers, which in case no one noticed only Congress has war powers.

3.4 – Concessions to Enemies

As of the middle 20th Century AD, Cuba’s government is an ENEMY of the United States people and Constitution. And they still are to this day. Cuba is ruled by a Dictator who has absolutely no empathy whatsoever. By forcing friendliness with the Castro Regime onto We The People, our current president is sending a hateful message to the entire planet. That is why we must never be nice to our enemies, who are NOT enemies because of anything we did, but because their leaders train them to violently oppose every liberty covered by the US Constitution.

3.5 – Our fellow OECD members

Japan, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, South Korea; among 28 others have something in common with us and therefore with America – they are all members of an actually necessary version of the United Nations. This should-be replacer is called the OECD – Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development. This angelic forum is perfect replacer for the UN because it only allows Full or Flawed Democracies with Free or Mostly free economies to be members! So, while Unilateralism is always superior to Multilateralism, the one exception should be at congregations within the OECD.

3.6 – Well Funded Voluntarist Legion

The question of US foreign policy should NEVER be “Do you support Nonintervention as infallible or do you support endless wars of blood and carnage?”. The question of US foreign policy should ALWAYS be “What is the correct way for America to handle its eternal destiny of Earth leader?”. The answer I suppose could be covered by things I already discussed. Or, I could word it like this: The first key to adequate US foreign policy and US leadership of our OECD buds across this planet, and in the next centuries across the Cosmos; is Highly-funded Voluntarist US Military. Not as in assuring all are voluntarists, but as in handling military recruitment and other military affairs in a voluntaristic fashion. The highly funded part refers to, at least in my view, Tripling the US military budget. This does not require raising taxes on anything, but instead requires privatizing any government functions that are not strictly Foreign Policy.

3.7 – OECD itself and Digital Age Economics

The second key of real US leadership is to consistently defend every economy involved with OECD, especially the economy of the US. In fact, all nations that qualify to be members of OECD should have their Trade Rights defended by us, whether they are official members or not. The primary and superior way we should bolster the defenses of the Digital Age’s global economy, however, is ALWAYS to encourage OECD-compatible nations to join the OECD itself. Malaysia, for example, is a Flawed Democracy with a Mostly free economy, therefore our Malaysia policy should be to use Free Trade with them in a way that leads up to them joining this forum on their very own initiative. Furthermore, South American nations of democratic capitalism must be motivated to independently join OECD by that exact same means. Such strategy-and-tactics partnerships will allow the OECD to empower itself and motivate prosperity across the globe, and in far-future Centuries AD – across the Cosmos.

3.8 – Moral Clarity about Liberty

The third key to real US leadership is to make ourselves immensely clear about what we stand for at home, overseas, and in future centuries in the cosmos. No, this does NOT have to always be done by military means. Instead we need to focus on economic means of advancing Liberty across the Globe this century and across the cosmos in the centuries to come. We must not allow tyrannical governments to extort us into doing things their way. If a Tyrannical government was to go menacing an OECD nation, or a nation qualified for membership, a legitimate US President will always side with whichever OECD bud is being menaced and AGAINST whoever the menacer happens to be. Sadly, this is not the nature of the person feigning presidency of the US. Instead he is very kind to the Tyrannical clerics of Iran and immensely isolating of the OECD bud we have known as Israel.

3.9 – Israel

Out of all of the Greater Middle East, the only nation with levels of respect for liberty that are commonplace in the OECD, the only nation that has a 54% majority embracing Evolutionary Biology, the only nation with a 65% Atheist and other Nonreligious majority; is the Republic of Israel. Israel is also the only nation in that entire region where misogyny is astronomically far from normalized. We must not only support them rigorously, but also respect their sovereignty and absolutely NOT dictate how it interacts with its neighbors.

3.10 – Iran

Nuclear agreements with Theocracies like Iran are utterly deadly for not just us, not just Israel, but for all the OECD and indeed for all the globe around us as well. Especially when the nuclear agreement is for absolutely nothing in return, not to mention Iran has American hostages. As with any tyrannical government, giving money to Iran will lead to them spending money on long range weapons for assailing OECD nations for no reason other than we are Capitalistic Democracies.

3.11 – Sudan

The entire Sudan regime, at present, is an example of how preserving tyrannies and being friendly with them is prohibiting one’s self from learning from the Holocaust of World War II times. Sudan is murdering 125,000 of its own people every year, for the 26 years it has been in place. The United States should absolutely NOT be friendly with ANY genocidal regimes, and must be very hostile to all genocides. At all times, and it sickens me that we have a president who FAKED sympathy for the Sudan population to become president of the US population.

3.12 – ISIS

ISIS is absolute scum that America is absolutely ZERO% to blame for. Historically proven. In fact, ISIS is quite far from new, instead they started in 632 AD under the name “Rashidun Empire”. In 661 AD they expanded themselves to a larger “Umayyad Empire” until 750 AD when they reformed themselves to the Abbasid Empire. ISIS then had a temporary session of being under the lead of Genghis Khan as a piece of Khan’s Mongol empire. After that, they had an expansion and revolution that changed ISIS name once again in 1517 AD to the “Ottoman Empire”. Back when they were the Ottoman Empire, ISIS picked many fights with our Founding Fathers in the very early 19th Century AD by taking Americans hostage, but unlike this president we supposedly have, the founding fathers actually fought to take their US citizens back, and eventually signed a treaty that told ISIS to never attack Americans again. Then in World War One, ISIS, under the name “Ottoman Empire”, carried out a triple-genocide against the Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks. So what does any of these obvious facts make ISIS? These facts make ISIS an empire with a literalist, legalist and puritanical approach to the Koran. Nowadays though they have neighbors who realize the severity of the threat ISIS is to the entire planet, infinitely better than our… president… does. What we must do about them is sell weapons to anti-ISIS militias like the Muslim ones who have proven themselves to WANT to defeat ISIS. ISIS wants to create a “Global Sultanate” and wants to carry out genocide on all Christians, Hindus, Jews, Zoroastrians, and most alarmingly to me all Nonreligious. ISIS will not cancel these plans if we retreat from the world, they will intensify their aggression if we adopt Ron Paul-style foreign policy, therefore ISIS needs to be collapsed. It is fortunate that there are people in that region who want our leadership and our support against ISIS. About the militias though, there are also Christian, Jewish and even Nonreligious militias we must vigorously sell arms and even strategic literature to.

3.13 – Pakistan

No one talks about how truly evil the Pakistani government is. They feign alliance with us and they are proven State Sponsors of terrorism, and they proved in 1971 AD that they are very ready, willing, and happy to murder 3 million innocents in just nine months. The only other government I can think of that is, or WAS, that evil is the Greater Japanese Empire under General Tojo from 1940 to 1945. Pakistani Independence from India has proven to not just us but primarily to India to be a disaster for the entire planet! Now, the solution to Pakistan’s evil is not war and it is also not to do nothing about their evil, because they will make their hatred of us for what kind of political system we have for a domestic policy and for NOTHING ELSE very obvious to the world by “Backstabbing” us eventually. We must motivate India, relying on Free Trade on diplomacy to motivate, to want to annex Pakistan and fold it back into the Republic of India. And then there will be no more Pakistani-sponsored terrorism and all future Pakistan genocides will have been prevented, and it will be almost all India’s to celebrate accomplishing.

3.14 – Saudi Arabia

I do not care that the Saudi government appears friendly to us, no amount of them joining our fight against ISIS will count to me as friendship, especially given how abusive that nation is to its women and to its Non-muslim demographics in the field of religions and faiths. Not to mention, much of their money they make selling oil to us is spent on similar organizations to ISIS that happen to differ drastically by being much less imperial than ISIS. But again, most of it goes to their repression and their slave markets. And while ISIS is the more immediate concern, eventually we will need to address the Saudi government’s tyranny mainly through economic means, and also through diplomatic means. Wait for them to directly menace us or for them to directly menace Israel again before taking any abundantly clear-to-the-world kinds of actions against that particular Totalitarian Monarchy.

3.15 – North Korea

From 22+ different Non-nazi Auschwitz camps to their refusal to help anyone outside of their forsaken capital of Pyongyang, and especially their repeat menacing of South Korea, the thuggish people in charge of North Korea are a very abundantly clear danger to the world and their evil ideology “Juche” [juh-chay] is the absolute only cause of all of it. No disputing it can possibly be based on valid evidence. However, this does not mean war on North Korea, it just means we will have to plan our liberation of the North Korean people carefully, even if we have to promise South Korea a Unified Korea under South Korean rule, and Seoul capital and Capitalist economics.

3.16 – Ethnic Kurds

Kurdish people, as far as I can tell, have long desired a nation of their own. If we start to sell copies of the literature of John Locke, Adam Smith, and Mary Wollstonecraft to them on top of selling them military grade weapons and armors; then not will they be able to build their own sovereign nation they will also know the exact morals to run their nation on, without us needing to get involved with them after Kurdish independence, except perhaps to persuade them to join OECD. A Kurdistan guided by the teachings of the three mentioned authors would be an immensely welcome start of a change of pace of how Liberty and Freedom are progressing in the Greater Middle East.

3.17 – Tunisia

Why do I feel like I’m the only American advocating rewards to the Tunisian government for reforming into a Republic on its own initiative? Specifically though, I say we reward Tunisia for its recent political reforms by doing Free Trade with them and selling them literature from Adam Smith, John Locke, and Mary Wollstonecraft; and we should also be using immensely friendly diplomacy to rewardingly motivate them to – you guessed it – join the OECD. I heavily applaud the Tunisian government for reforming itself to be supportive and defensive of Civil Liberties and Classical Liberalism. Remorsefully, our current president has ignored Tunisia on behalf of maintaining dramatically higher respect for the Totalitarian tyrannies that surround Tunisia. As for me, I adore recent Tunisian political reforms, and think we should bulk them up to be an undisputed politics role model for its fellow Saharan countries!

3.18 – Other Salafi Jihads

There are other Salafi Jihadist movements besides ISIS. Al-Shabaab in Somalia is one. The Janjaweed in Sudan are another. What exactly is a “Salafi” though? It refers to the political ideology of Salafism, which advocates forcing the entire planet to embrace a literalist, legalist, and puritanical approach to the Koran. The Taliban is the premier Salafi Imperial group in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. And recently ISIS started attacking them to try to usurp mental grip of Salafi ideology followers in those two nations. And by the way, Salafi governance, or “Sharia” as is the official name, is extremely far from compatible with liberties that you who is reading this hold near and dear. Sharia is instead the primitive, barbaric and carnage-addicted brand of Theocracy that has dominated the Greater Middle East four different times from the middle of the Early Medieval Age all the way to end of World War One. Do not think for a second that Nonintervention foreign policy is an evidence-based approach to solving Salafism. Realize we need to be very active in the world, but NOT always militarily, in order to solve Salafism.

3.19 – Federated Power Structure

The finest way to balance political power among citizens is, and our Founding Fathers knew this to, is easily to set up one’s nation as a Federation. Not an Empire or as any other kind of Unitary state, instead as the Federation America has been for its entire existence. I vastly encourage other nations that are not already federations to reform into federations, as this power structure has historically proven to be a better-balanced means of structuring one’s power. Obviously we do not need to militarily enforce the concept of Federation, but I highly encourage using diplomacy to educate Unitary states about the superiority of a Federated power structure.

3.20 – Republics for Power Sources

Basically, for those who do not know, a Republic is a power source method that sees citizens voting for policies and/or leaders and the popular vote is the one who the power giver adopts as his or her mandate for that moment. A Republic is easily a near-perfect model of power sourcing because it enables the people to keep their national or lesser-level government transparent at all times. Granted, many republics in today’s world [yes, even America] have problems being consistently transparent, but generally Republics are the most transparent of all the possible power sources. There is the least amount of chance of any of the power source types of a nation falling into either of Anarchy or Tyranny. Using just diplomacy and Free Trade, especially Free Trade, I say we encourage such Monarchic friends of us as Sweden, Britain, Japan, and even New Zealand to shed their Monarchic traits to be consistently a Republic. Right now our Monarchy-friends are mostly what’s called “Constitutional Monarchies”, with a few basic elements of Republic here and there. This all being said, our Founding Fathers knew the advantages of a Republic and what makes it preferable to a Monarchy – this nation was founded on the preferring of federal republic over unitary monarchy!

3.21 – US Constitution Originalism

I fully support the mandate for all politicians to be required by US law to interpret the US Constitution as note for note the only law of the land. If a politics issue is not covered by the Constitution, it needs to be handled economically by only the Private Sector, and socially only by individuals, voluntarily involved adult individuals to be exact. For example, if a parent wants to filter the content maturity of her son’s entertainment sources, she can only filter sources for just her son, and Constitutionally cannot get US Constitution violations like the FCC involved.

Chapter 4 – Disclaimers and Reminders about my nature

4.1 – My Faith

No, I am not religious. I am very devoutly Nonreligious, I place tremendous faith in Science and I collect most of my morals from this Sociological thing called Empathy. Astrophysics, Paleontology, Zoology, Economics, Sociology, and other sciences are my “holy” scriptures, and Science popularizers like Zoology’s Nigel Marvin and Astronomy’s Michio Kaku are my clergies. Instead of praying to anyone for anything, I directly seek out a logical solution to a problem in my personal time. Whereas in my grocery store workplace I adapt to having learned the rules I’ve learned about how to work there according to Property Rules.

4.2 – My Logic

One thing you will always notice about me is I refuse to ever pretend to know everything. Thats an instinct that has been instilled in me by the science community for as long as I have been alive and on the Earth. I also always make sure to ask myself about potential outcomes before making any decisions.

End of Platform

Well, thank you for reading all of that word for word. My absolute largest post yet to my official site. And one more thing: I have such a diversity of interests that anyone would be lying if they said to you that I am overtly political. However, people would be telling a truth if they said that I do enjoy discussing and addressing political issues. Thank you all,


“Texas Melt” burger review

Yes, this is a review of a food item. It is basically two pieces of toast bread with cheddar, onions, BBQ sauce, bacon and 8 oz of ground beef in between. You don’t need to know the name of the place I got this thing, just that its mascot is some kind of Horned Owl. What species? I cannot definitively say…

The Negatives

  1. The onions were quite a bit excessive in terms of how many there were

The Positives

  1. The toast was very well-cooked
  2. The toast also had a kind of butter to it
  3. SO MUCH BEEF! It is phenomenal!
  4. The ground beef was cooked exactly as I asked it to be
  5. The ground beef also tasted exactly like how beef it’s supposed to be
  6. The beef leaked a LOT
  7. The cheddar was very sufficiently melted
  8. The bacon… the bacon was extra crispy
  9. The bacon also was very well cooked
  10. The bacon even has a crunch to it at times
  11. The bacon has this grade A brownness to it
  12. The ground beef also has grade A brownness for beef

Final Verdict

The final verdict for this amazing burger is a 92. Very highly recommended!

That is all I have for now! Thank you all,


The Evolutionary Biology of Owls and the Reproductive Pathology of Owls

I got bored of promoting Libertarianism and promoting the Rubio Doctrine & Presidency and so I decided to speak of my Scientific Strong Suite. Well, one of my three scientific strong suites. One is Bird Science, Ornithology, and that is the one I am touching on today. Keep in mind this is not a permanent thing but just an opportunity to give attention to my other interests and hobbies for a long enough while that I will let myself promote libertarianism & the Rubio doctrine/presidency again Eventually. But in the mean time lets talk of many things else, starting with Zoology:

So, Ornithology, let us start with the birds I find adorable: the predatory metal-birds we know as Owls.

In fact, that is the Order of Class Aves [birds] that this entire post is about.

To examine the evolutionary biology, or simply the evolution, of owls; we need to examine where birds in general all came from first.

Origin of Birds, including of owls

So basically it all started with the vaguely bird-like dinosaurs we know as the Therapods, and of course anyone who knows the word “Therapod” knows to associate it with 100% of the carnivorous dinosaurs. However, there are notes to take of this:

  1. There is one Herbivore family of therapods – Therizinosauria, or Segnosauria. Samples include Nothronychus, Alxasaurus, Segnosaurus, and other similar-shaped dinosaurs.
  2. Some therapods, like Oviraptor, eat only incubating eggs. Others that only eat half-incubated eggs include Struthiomimus, Gallimimus, Ornitholestes, I can go on forever.

Over the millions of years, therapods evolved not just through natural selection but also through a slight genetic mutation each year, each genetic mutation being about adaptation to, in this case, the birds’ changing environment.

So, how did the Avians branch off into different kinds of bird, including in this case birds of prey?

Modern Bird diversity according to Wikipedia

Owls first took on their current form in 56,000,000 BC; about 1,000,000 years after the first True Toads appeared in current form, but that we will cover at another time.

Now, we talk reproduction.

The life of an Owl begins, like all animals, with an egg being laid. This egg, roughly the size and shape of a golf ball or at largest of a baseball, is the Owls’ equal to Conception.

Next we get Incubation. This is when the fetus, or I’m sorry, that’s Mammals like us; let me try again;

Next we get Incubation. This is when the embryo [THERE we go!] starts growing and developing inside the egg. After only one month, a THIRD of a trimester [three-month increment], the egg has developed enough to hatch and therefore be the birth of an owl, but the Owl development does not end there

After birth comes the stage of owls being these – in my eyes – very adorable bird hatchlings called Owlets. Speaking of eyes, the owls first start to see after 10 days of existing.

Then they take Nine weeks to grow into adults.

And then they mate in varying patterns by species – some species mate in matriarchies, other species reproducing in patriarchies.

And this the cycle begins again.

So if anyone has any purely owl-related questions, please ask them. And thank you all,


Guinness Stout Review

Yes, yes, I am a 21-year-old future Herpetologist and Ornithologist who is in fact being this predictable for my first review ever of a Stout.

So, Guinness Draught from Dublin of 1759 AD. What did I like and dislike, and what’s my verdict?

The Negatives

  1. I think it could be a bit sweeter

The Positives

  1. I do like how it has a coffee flavor
  2. The history of it tells me what 94% of my creativity probably comes from
  3. I love the pure black color that I love in any stout
  4. The foaming has a good pace to incentivize me to patiently wait for the pure black color to begin
  5. The color tells me “beer is metal [music], blacker than the blackest black, times infinity” like in the comedy band “Dethklok”
  6. It has an extremely light volume of alcohol compared to other stouts I have yet to review

The Final Verdict

I give Guinness a solid score of 86. Remember how my scale tells that 60 to 100 is good grades, and that 40 or lower is bad grades? Guess what, Guinness lands for me at an 86.

Thank you all for reading this, and sorry for taking this long to review another stuff,


Libertarian Ideology and Republican Party have Lost their mutual honor-code

I figured I would take some time to explain how and why I believe the above.

Looking at it historically, libertarian philosophy and Republican partisanship had every political issue stance in common until around Great Depression times to World War II times.

But what are these stances? Using polls from ISideWith.com as a guide, and not a script, we can decipher what that means based on which issues are most important to most Americans today.

Before the middle 1940’s AD, Republican Partisan thought and Libertarian thought were based Economically on these ideals of Capitalism:

  1. Yes to Extending Tax Cuts
  2. No to Debt Ceiling Hikes
  3. No to Fiat Money Financial Regulations
  4. No to government involvements in the economy such as Stimulus packages
  5. No to government mandated healthcare
  6. No to government mandated wage norms
  7. No to subsidies of any industry in particular
  8. No to ‘common core‘ style education laws
  9. No to government restrictions for ecology and belief in using Capitalistic incentives to clean ecology instead
  10. Yes to letting the private sector provide energy organically.

The libertarian ideology and Republican Party have also both forgotten what they are supposed to have in common as of the early 1850’s AD in the way of social freedom:

  1. Yes to unlimited Free Speech
  2. No to letting government violate the Right to Bodily Integrity
  3. No to answering property crimes with big-government zealotry
  4. Yes to promotion of the progress of Astrophysics and other Space sciences
  5. Yes to promotion of the progress of Zoology and other Life sciences
  6. Yes to promotion of Stem Cell medicine and other Medical Sciences
  7. Yes to the Privatization of Marriage
  8. Yes to letting people fly their preferred flags on their own property
  9. No to abolishing or even regulating the Social Liberty of Right to Self Defense
  10. Yes to letting people eat, drink, and/or take in what they will without hurting others

I am also very convinced that both libertarian purity and Republican Party have lost their identity in regards to what defending the above 20 virtues requires. It requires a harsh but wise foreign policy coupled with a highly funded, never-drafted military. That includes refusal to ever allow tyrannies to exist but it also strictly forbids the Nation Building we still to this day see examples of in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead the foreign policy beliefs of any legitimate libertarian purist and of any legitimate GOP member will entail a military intervention policy of going into a Tyrannical Regime’s land, killing the entire tyrannical regime, and leaving; this way We The People can then do Unlimited Free Trade with the newly liberated and they can gather resources to build a morally valid federation or unitary-state of their own.

Also, valid followers of either one of libertarian purity and/or of Republican Partisanship will eagerly seek to ensure that America’s power source is always a Republic, and that it’s power structure is always a Federation, and certainly never an Empire.

Anything more I can say? Well… I think I covered everything except for why these two concepts, Republican Party and libertarian purity, are so different nowadays despite being founded on being NO different from each other. It is because while libertarian purity concept was stolen by Anarchist foreign policy Doves, the GOP agenda was corroded and poisoned by Creationist foreign policy Hawks. Except these Hawks do not believe in the Owl-like approach of wisdom. They believe in more of an Eagle-like approach along the lines of having lots of intelligence BUT NO wisdom.

That’s all I got this morning. Thank you,


My Infinite Hatred of Sexual Assault

Hello people. I guess I am doing this post to prevent any false accusations from being taken seriously, and to illustrate how seriously I take actual sexual assault, and how my attitude in this topic is healthy for humanity.

So, this is a painful post for me to do, and rapists are painful people for me to peacefully share a planet with. Let us begin there. I absolutely cannot stand to even view an act of sexual assault, it absolutely disgusts me!

And let me be very clear – I don’t care who someone is, if they are going to try to excuse sexual assault, make sexual assault threats, or commit a sexual assault, I am going to want to see them dead, because it is NOT moral to trivialize sexual assault in any sense; be it victim blaming, normalized sexism, sexist double standards, policy sexism, etc; there is NO reason to be lenient to rapists and there is NO excuse to allow them to exist in harmony, especially as they do not respect harmony. At all.

I decided to post about this because I observe from the historic graphs I have read that only 3% of courts and police and other enforcement take sexual assault seriously, and even they fail to recognize the seriousness of sexual assault. Well, fact is 100% of rapists should be forced to answer for their crime. And come to think of the overwhelming evidence of most people not taking sexual assault seriously at all, perhaps Mandatory Minimum Sentences should apply to some kind of crime after all, sexual assault being that crime.

Please note this is NOT any kind of endorsement of a tyrannical regime or even of statist philosophy, it is simply offering an idea of how to competently punish sexual assault, in fact here are the steps to prevent it happening in the first place so that such sentences only have to be used sparingly, if at all:

  1. Use forensics and/or therapy to figure out who is most likely to commit a sexual assault and send the likely ones to reform schools and rehabs
  2. Provide scientific, market-based incentives for our culture to abandon its teaching of sexually predatory behavior without government getting involved
  3. Rely on scientific, market-based incentives for schools to teach about intimate consent and Respect for their peers’ bodies, no matter the gender, from an early age
  4. Use scientific, market-based incentives for schools to debunk the myth that refers to men and boys as genetically predatory.

Take these steps and we can work together to radically reduce if not entirely eliminate sexual assault from our species.

To conclude, just because I have drastically more politics in common with the Republicans than with the Democrats does not automatically make me a sexual violence sympathizer. On the contrary, the particular faction of it that I identify with [the Libertarian faction, represented often by this party’s Liberty Caucus] intensifies my hatred of rapists for their acts of violence against people, for one of the “Republitarian” principles is to defend all civil liberties, including in this case the Right to Bodily Integrity. Even Pro-life Republitarians will vigorously condemn sexual assault as a violation of this particular civil liberty, and/or as a violation of a person. No matter the gender of the victim or the gender of the assailant.

So, thank you all for reading this today. I hope people can recognize the seriousness of sexual assault, and, Mr. 45th, if you just read this than e-mail me in secrecy asking me for how to get the above punishment idea and prevention ideas implemented. People who have read my Presidential posts about 2016 will know who I am calling “Mr. 45th”. Thanks again,


Offering a Scientific Libertarian stance on Guns and the Second Amendment

Hello all people.

I have decided to use Zoology to decipher a scientific stance on Guns. As an American, I realize one of the pieces of evidence my nation is the best in the world is we are the only country that includes Right to Self Defense in its Civil Liberties list, via the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

Just going to come out and say it; people everywhere on the Earth Should be Allowed to own handheld weapons to defend themselves, and also Allowed to learn any Unarmed Combat Arts [referred to from now on in this site as UCAs] they wish to – whether it is Krav Magra, Shaolin, Wu Dang, Gatka, I don’t care which you choose to excel in.

But let us focus more on Zoological aspects of the Social Liberty of right to self-defense and less on the political aspects, throughout this post.

Where does the human absolute need for absolute right for a diversity of self-defense options stem from?

Any historian can argue it is exclusively human histories being almost entirely stories of blood and carnage up until 1783 AD when America became the first nation born on Age Of Enlightenment values, and their career allows them quick access to unfettered evidence. But what about before we came to current form?

That is where modern Zoology comes in. We have about 400,000,000+ years of taxonomic and evolutionary history and ancestors suffering from a genetically violent world we still know to this day as Earth. Starting in the late Devonian [365 million BC], with the appearance of our amphibian ancestors Hynerpeton, that is when we first had Lungs along the lines of our current lungs, and to keep us on topic they were the first ancestors of us to have weapons for going on the attack and for defending one’s self from predators. And the weapons we had back then were Hynerpeton claws and Hynerpeton teeth. But our Silurian Period ancestors [416 million BC to be exact] were these algae-eating, jawless-mouthed, thick-skulled fish called Cephalaspis. Their heads protected the first brains ever along the lines of human brains. Cephalaspis is therefore who I thank for our ability to think and invent philosophies today. But Cephalaspis were biologically incapable of fighting back. Our ability to fight back started with Hynerpeton. And our need to fight back continued throughout Earths history. The Dinosaur time zone [Late Triassic, full Jurassic, full Cretaceous] saw us in the shadows, often defending ourselves from those rarer breeds of dinosaur that were assailing us at the time. Then as we evolved across different mammalian forms, there eventually came an upright-walking ancestor species in 4 million BC that used tools for the first time: Sticks, stones, and forging of fires from handheld grinding of stones. Once we finally hit current form in 30,000 BC, we began the ages of Human History with the stone age. Then we discovered Metallurgy and from there started the History of Civilization.

So to conclude, the Right to Self Defense is Both a Social Liberty AND it is a Biological need. Therefore the Second Amendment is a result of millions of years of battles wit other species on the same planet. Thank you all for reading this,