My Social and Political Traits, People-Press style

People-Press… if they were to single me out in any of their Typology things, and let me do the typing in First Person, this is most likely what it would look like:

What I believe

  1. Domestically very heavily libertarian, but very lightly Neocon on foreign affairs
  2. Critical of US national government but far more critical of tyrannical Islamic States [Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, etc.]
  3. Extremely Pro-Capitalism on economy
  4. Appreciative of gay people, as someone who is very far from gay
  5. Solidly Middle Ground on the issues of Abortion and Immigration
  6. Individualist-feminist when it comes to helping women and to ending sexism
  7. Convinced Free Trade should be top foreign policy priority
  8. Opposed to friendliness with ANY Salafi Tyranny, in favor of ending such governments
  9. Immensely Pro-Civil Liberties on culture
  10. Devoutly supportive of Israel and their 65% Nonreligious majority, devoutly Nonreligious myself.
  11. Somewhat favorable of two GOP candidates for 2016, Most favorable toward Marco Rubio [ONLY distrusting him on the Marriage Privatization solution to the Gay Marriage issue, but what’s important is fixing our economy]

Who I am

  1. Simple grocery store front-end worker for now, very soon to be author & illustrator of Fantasy comics, self-publishing all of them and selling them through various online economic media sites
  2. Aspiring to be a Dinosaur-and-Bird Scientist in about a dozen years from now, fully embracing of Natural Selection Fact
  3. Ethnically 94% Irish and the other 6% of me comes from Native Americans of an Ohio tribe
  4. I refuse to ever adhere to a religion, and I am personally a Deist
  5. Most commonly used social media sites are YouTube [for listening to music] and WordPress [for recording my thoughts]
  6. Most commonly used economic media sites are Amazon and Paypal
  7. Huge fan of the computer games Medieval II Total War and Lord of the Rings Total War.
  8. Loving fan of Middle-earth, Warhammer Fantasy setting and similar settings as well
  9. Loving fan of red meats, bacon and grilling
  10. Mountain Dew guzzling, thin-bodied, highly intelligent, moderately wise metalhead [Disturbed & Lamb of God are my go-to bands] who adores slender brunettes with blue eyes.
  11. I adore cycling, therefore I am tough, resilient and in shape and can focus on personal Brain growth.

I guess this is how People Press would do it upon need of being honest. Thats all I got this week. Or so I think…

Thank you all for looking over this either way,



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