Presidential Debate Advice to Marco Rubio, from a Strongly Libertarian Millennial of America

Hello, 45th president of the cosmos!

As a GOP voter, a Nonreligious American [empathy is my main source of morals], a strongly libertarian millennial [don’t worry, foreign policy is my strong suite and you get foreign policy 400% right according to me], and an aspiring scientist [Dinosaurs being my strong suite in science]; I am ready and eager to watch you claim victory in the debates in tonight’s 9 PM screening of them. To prepare to see you win, I have legitimately watched videos of your issue stances and focuses from 11 pm of last night to 2 am of this morning [the time of this post is 8/6/2015 at 8:00 pm]. So now I bring you some advice for how to win.

  1. Firstly, remember to remain scholarly. There is a large difference between being scholarly and being politically correct, but there is an equally large difference between being scholarly and being rhetorical. I am sure you can do this one because in that time span I mentioned above, I see you being very scholarly, historic and mostly scientific
  2. Remain calm in the face of the rhetoric that is guaranteed to spew from at least some of the other nine, and just let them finish their verbal paragraphs, no matter how non-historic and/or unscientific they may be. This is good advice for you because then you can debunk their potential myths with maximum gradualism, debunking what rhetoric they do throw around one sentence at a time. There is a drastic difference between compromising vs educating, and it does not have to be based on how one’s manners are. I know this as an aspiring biologist, you can have some manners according to what manners are desired by whose property you’re on and still be very scientific and informative of the facts in a calm, thought-provoking, question-authority, factual-thinking-only style. In fact, you are the biggest genius of all the candidates at this kind of balancing of intellect with wisdom, which means balancing knowledge of both what to say AND of how to say it, respectively.
  3. Be sure to study History and Science on top of current events as part of your rehearsal for tonight. This way the rest of the candidates will be blown away by how enlightened you will be in the debate, and at least a handful of them might appreciate and respect that. I can already name one who will either be interrupting you every fifth of a second or will wait for you to finish your [mostly] scientific inquiries and then reply with something that has absolutely nothing to do with the true meaning of pro-human-progress optimism.
  4. Maintain your theme of optimistically and wisely promoting scientific and economic growth for all citizens of all demographics, and please remember to focus on the pro-growth messages, and capitalistic optimist messages that – guess what – attracted me and most other Millennials to Gary Johnson in 2012. No large comparison of you to a third party candidate there, just giving you an idea of how easy it is to sway millennials with messages of restoring Social laissez-faire AND Economic laissez-faire.
  5. Do not bring up any controversies about any candidates [not even about yourself] unless someone else in that debating field brings it up first. And when one does; then your turn to employ your scientific, professional-but-NOT-politically-correct style of addressing political and other issues; will come when you are called upon to say anything about the controversies. It takes something you and I both abundantly embrace: Gradualism.

And this piece of advice I have to make a separate list for [due to examples]. If the debate host asks if there are any political issues that none were already asked about, then boy do you have a long list of ones you can bring up, according to me:

  1. You could bring up the Omar al-Bashir regime in Sudan and its genocides, its world leadership in slavery, and its record of sickening torture methods that you might have to only bring up here on the internet.
  2. Perhaps you could also not only ask about the erosion of the Free Expression that science practically breathes and how political correctness is almost all of the cause
  3. Maybe you could even bring up Pakistan sponsoring terrorism around the world, their 1971 genocide wherein Pakistan murdered 3,000,000 in just nine months, and what exactly we should do about both of these troubles
  4. There is a good chance that this chance, if given, is YOURS to bring up the devout hostility to Nanny Laws and lifestyle liberty violations and what makes them commonplace for majorities of We The People
  5. Something tells me you could you could even ask the entire crowd around you if they are aware of the political ideology “Salafism” and how it is the only valid one-word name for the Koranic genocides, slaveries, serial tortures, and famines spanning across 1383 years of civil history so far. You can even educate everyone else around you the history of them, and basically call the Salafi Imperials [or the Salafi Jihadists if you’d rather call them that] out on all of their real-world villainy.
  6. One more thing before you decide whether you decide to embrace my advice or not… perhaps you may want to educate the people in the arena about science and liberty and how in combination they have motivated the rise of “Liberty Federations” around the globe, starting with the US under George Washington. And/or you could talk about how science benefits We The People by making us look past several-millennia-old norms and how in return we should be allowing the private sector to promote sciences at the rate it promotes any other ideas instead of passing any government laws favoring one side or another of any science debate.

So, there you have it, Mr. Rubio! My advice to you! I am fully confident you will do very well in those primary debates you are guaranteed to win, All wishes of all best of luck to you! [salutes]

And thank you, Mr. Rubio, for reading this!



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