Offering a Scientific libertarian stance on abortion

So, I thought I should address a politics issue that is less important to me than most. In light of guaranteed 45th president Marco Rubio winning the first primary debate last night and me witnessing this via YouTube this morning, I think this is a prefect time to attract, at least Marco, to a fully Science-based idea of how to preserve and protect life without resorting to government involvement.

Before we do though, I would like to clarify: I pretty much take the Libertarian Party stance on this issue that the government should not be involved in addressing the issue; let demographics, NGOs and individuals decide; however, I also and more ardently hold a purely Zoology-based outlook on related ideas like “conception”, “trimester”, and “birth”. Specifically, it is this:

The instinct of wanting to pass on genes and wanting to go through with pregnancy is something that Biology holds we inherited from “Mammal-like Reptile” ancestors, starting with Dimetrodon. And the nature of zealously nurturing our young we inherited from the Cynodonts.

The only difference is… Conception for Reptiles is when they lay their eggs. The other difference is reptile eggs take about one-sixth as long to hatch as mammals – for example humans – take to give birth to the live young we give birth to. In other words, they take 6 weeks instead of taking 9 months.

Conception for us mammals is when the egg inside the womb morphs into the life form we know as the fetus. 36 weeks later, birth happens after a long time of what is known in Zoology as “incubation”. This includes defending one’s young and adapting them to the weathers of the seasons. For humans, defending includes things like learning unarmed combat arts, learning how to use post-1899 AD weapons, etc. Also for us humans, adapting to weather is made an example of every time we change our apparel choices and preferences according to what season it is and to what weather is commonplace for the season. Hence the zoological need for government to absolutely never regulate the apparel markets. Once all three trimesters have passed, the live mammalian youth [i.e. human youth] is born.

Conception for the reptiles is when the egg inside the womb is spilled into a nest that is built by that same reptile, typically from sand or soil, where it incubates. Half a trimester [three-month increment in half means 6 weeks, or should I say 1-and-a-half months] later, and after a half-trimester history of the reptile defending the nest with teeth and claws against rival reptiles, while using changes in the volume of soil and/or sand on the eggs to keep them what we might call ‘room temperature’; the eggs finally hatch and therefore you have your live reptilian youth.

So, what does that make abortion, from an entirely Zoology-based stance? Nature itself makes abortion the disruption of Incubation, and in the millions-of-years run it is also the disruption of Evolutionary Natural Selection.

So; What can or should the government do to stop disruptions? No, that is NOT the correct question. Instead the correct question is;

What kind of rational, scientific incentives can the Free Market provide for pregnant women [whose pregnancy started with REAL sexual consent] to voluntarily incubate their offspring for all nine months and nurture their young as our mammalian and mammal-like reptile ancestors did millions of years back?

The private sector, coupled with scientific knowledge, can generate plenty of answers to the rational incentives question above. Granted, free will duly notes that the woman’s body is hers and no one else’s, but that’s why Market-based incentives that are also based in zoology are the only moral way for a woman to be ready and willing to see all nine months all the way through. Zoological, market-based incentives are the only legitimate way to reduce the frequency of abortions, anywhere on this planet of ours, BECAUSE the woman’s body is the sole property of herself.

I am not a woman myself. In fact, if males and men were the gender of humans and other animals getting pregnant and laying eggs and birthing live young and all, I would take the exact same stance as I do above. And if I was a woman, my stance would remain explained above. In case you have not noticed, I want the government to stay out of the debate and just let the laissez-faire system take the win-win approach to the debate it was BUILT to take long before the abortion debate even existed.

Science people. My love for it is endless! Matter a fact, next page sees me base a stance on Gun ownership entirely on Zoology! It has to do with the millions of years of inheriting a self-defense instinct from a greta many taxonomic ancestors. Thank you all for reading this,



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