Offering a Scientific Libertarian stance on Guns and the Second Amendment

Hello all people.

I have decided to use Zoology to decipher a scientific stance on Guns. As an American, I realize one of the pieces of evidence my nation is the best in the world is we are the only country that includes Right to Self Defense in its Civil Liberties list, via the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

Just going to come out and say it; people everywhere on the Earth Should be Allowed to own handheld weapons to defend themselves, and also Allowed to learn any Unarmed Combat Arts [referred to from now on in this site as UCAs] they wish to – whether it is Krav Magra, Shaolin, Wu Dang, Gatka, I don’t care which you choose to excel in.

But let us focus more on Zoological aspects of the Social Liberty of right to self-defense and less on the political aspects, throughout this post.

Where does the human absolute need for absolute right for a diversity of self-defense options stem from?

Any historian can argue it is exclusively human histories being almost entirely stories of blood and carnage up until 1783 AD when America became the first nation born on Age Of Enlightenment values, and their career allows them quick access to unfettered evidence. But what about before we came to current form?

That is where modern Zoology comes in. We have about 400,000,000+ years of taxonomic and evolutionary history and ancestors suffering from a genetically violent world we still know to this day as Earth. Starting in the late Devonian [365 million BC], with the appearance of our amphibian ancestors Hynerpeton, that is when we first had Lungs along the lines of our current lungs, and to keep us on topic they were the first ancestors of us to have weapons for going on the attack and for defending one’s self from predators. And the weapons we had back then were Hynerpeton claws and Hynerpeton teeth. But our Silurian Period ancestors [416 million BC to be exact] were these algae-eating, jawless-mouthed, thick-skulled fish called Cephalaspis. Their heads protected the first brains ever along the lines of human brains. Cephalaspis is therefore who I thank for our ability to think and invent philosophies today. But Cephalaspis were biologically incapable of fighting back. Our ability to fight back started with Hynerpeton. And our need to fight back continued throughout Earths history. The Dinosaur time zone [Late Triassic, full Jurassic, full Cretaceous] saw us in the shadows, often defending ourselves from those rarer breeds of dinosaur that were assailing us at the time. Then as we evolved across different mammalian forms, there eventually came an upright-walking ancestor species in 4 million BC that used tools for the first time: Sticks, stones, and forging of fires from handheld grinding of stones. Once we finally hit current form in 30,000 BC, we began the ages of Human History with the stone age. Then we discovered Metallurgy and from there started the History of Civilization.

So to conclude, the Right to Self Defense is Both a Social Liberty AND it is a Biological need. Therefore the Second Amendment is a result of millions of years of battles wit other species on the same planet. Thank you all for reading this,



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