Libertarian Ideology and Republican Party have Lost their mutual honor-code

I figured I would take some time to explain how and why I believe the above.

Looking at it historically, libertarian philosophy and Republican partisanship had every political issue stance in common until around Great Depression times to World War II times.

But what are these stances? Using polls from as a guide, and not a script, we can decipher what that means based on which issues are most important to most Americans today.

Before the middle 1940’s AD, Republican Partisan thought and Libertarian thought were based Economically on these ideals of Capitalism:

  1. Yes to Extending Tax Cuts
  2. No to Debt Ceiling Hikes
  3. No to Fiat Money Financial Regulations
  4. No to government involvements in the economy such as Stimulus packages
  5. No to government mandated healthcare
  6. No to government mandated wage norms
  7. No to subsidies of any industry in particular
  8. No to ‘common core‘ style education laws
  9. No to government restrictions for ecology and belief in using Capitalistic incentives to clean ecology instead
  10. Yes to letting the private sector provide energy organically.

The libertarian ideology and Republican Party have also both forgotten what they are supposed to have in common as of the early 1850’s AD in the way of social freedom:

  1. Yes to unlimited Free Speech
  2. No to letting government violate the Right to Bodily Integrity
  3. No to answering property crimes with big-government zealotry
  4. Yes to promotion of the progress of Astrophysics and other Space sciences
  5. Yes to promotion of the progress of Zoology and other Life sciences
  6. Yes to promotion of Stem Cell medicine and other Medical Sciences
  7. Yes to the Privatization of Marriage
  8. Yes to letting people fly their preferred flags on their own property
  9. No to abolishing or even regulating the Social Liberty of Right to Self Defense
  10. Yes to letting people eat, drink, and/or take in what they will without hurting others

I am also very convinced that both libertarian purity and Republican Party have lost their identity in regards to what defending the above 20 virtues requires. It requires a harsh but wise foreign policy coupled with a highly funded, never-drafted military. That includes refusal to ever allow tyrannies to exist but it also strictly forbids the Nation Building we still to this day see examples of in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead the foreign policy beliefs of any legitimate libertarian purist and of any legitimate GOP member will entail a military intervention policy of going into a Tyrannical Regime’s land, killing the entire tyrannical regime, and leaving; this way We The People can then do Unlimited Free Trade with the newly liberated and they can gather resources to build a morally valid federation or unitary-state of their own.

Also, valid followers of either one of libertarian purity and/or of Republican Partisanship will eagerly seek to ensure that America’s power source is always a Republic, and that it’s power structure is always a Federation, and certainly never an Empire.

Anything more I can say? Well… I think I covered everything except for why these two concepts, Republican Party and libertarian purity, are so different nowadays despite being founded on being NO different from each other. It is because while libertarian purity concept was stolen by Anarchist foreign policy Doves, the GOP agenda was corroded and poisoned by Creationist foreign policy Hawks. Except these Hawks do not believe in the Owl-like approach of wisdom. They believe in more of an Eagle-like approach along the lines of having lots of intelligence BUT NO wisdom.

That’s all I got this morning. Thank you,



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