Disturbed 2015 album foresight and early beliefs

Now Earth,

I will be completely honest – I am very metal-headed in my music preferences. Disturbed and Lamb of God are respectively my gold band and silver band in terms of how abundantly loved they are by me.

Which brings me to somethings I have been pondering over in regards to the gold one – their currently promoted album Immortalized. I am looking quite far forward to this album, and to buying a physical copy from my closest mall to local.

You see, my town I live in has not but my workplace and a superior local public library to most I have seen in towns nearby, as far as motives to leave one’s house goes. Even the first town south of me has a vast wealth of hiking zones, and I prefer cycling to hiking when I get the exercise to stay slender for the blue-eyed slender brunettes of the globe! The first town straight east of me has my preferred mall to go to, especially for the purchase of this grandeur of albums

Let me think here… I am predicting I will have almost nothing but positives to say about this album. I predict that I will have mixed beliefs about that’s album’s song “Fire It Up” and that will be as close to a legit list of negatives as I get.

Yes, I am predicting that positively for this gold band – I adore their music. All of it.

One more thing before either of you or I say this post is at its close, if you do not already know who Disturbed is – they are a hard rock band spawned from the Illinois metropolis we know as Chicago. They are David Draiman as leader and singer, Dan Donegan as guitarist, John Moyer as bassist, and Mike Wengren as drummer. They are all amazing people for coming together with each other to make this magic. Thank you my planet,



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