Some Red Meat Positives only FDA approved for Nutritional Googles

Hello Earth.

I could not help but notice there were some positive facts about red meats that the FDA seems to only want you to know from Google searches. I find this behavior of theirs very repulsive but therefore very typical of them, Democrats, the Left and of Big Government in general. But lets not carried away in negativities like the existences of the above and let us speak of what else is right about red meat besides extra high protein content. In other words, let’s keep this post about entirely about food and not at all about politics.

Now, let us begin with me saying there are three major red meats I can name that are immensely often regarded as red meat: Beef, Mutton, and Venison.

But I must ask myself, which of these three to begin with first? Should I go down these in order from most to least often marketed? Because that is what perhaps I must do here:

Here is the full throttle of beef nutrition:

Full beef nutrition facts

You can see that beef has an insane amount of Vitamin B, in fact more full of vitamin B than protein! No sugar, as beef only needs sugar in a recipe for elaborate cooking that puts them together. And that’s if you want to do such recipes in your own home. Iron is also of significant volume when it comes to beef

Next we turn to Mutton, most often marketed as Lamb:

Mutton Nutrition

Once again, like beef, mutton is also insane with its Vitamin B output but ultimately that is a good thing for your heart, believe it or not. Granted mutton has more protein than it has vitamin B but perhaps… well, let’s take note of the superior good fat to bad fat ratio this angelic magic we know as mutton has on the other angelic magic we know as beef. Unlike beef, mutton naturally lacks Trans fat and has therefore more room for the good-for-you brands of animal fat: Unsaturated and, not listed in either file, but; the Omega ‘fatty acids’.

Lastly, and probably due to it being more of a “game” food than of a “market” food, we conclude with Venison:

Venison Nutrition

Perhaps a bizarre thing to note about Venison is that has more bad fats than good, but extremely minimal fat overall, having less than half the total fat of beef. The protein content matches that of beef, and for Venison, I observe the Vitamin B content is…. Wow! The best brand of Vitamin B insanity of all the meats covered in this post! Love it!


You know,… what did we learn tonight [it’s almost 10pm on a Monday as of this post being born]? Its that red meats are far from purely good for you but they are not purely bad for you either. Quite deeply in the middle but very slightly more often good for you than bad, as we have just used screen captures from early Googles of mine to paint a picture of above. Take care of yourselves, and your brains. Thank you people of the planet,



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