Nigh Impossible Discovery!

What is this I have discovered this past weekend? A sane political party in America?

It is called the Modern Whig Party, they are basically the political party that epitomizes my kind of Libertarianism!

Thank you Science for bringing this political party into my life!



Overthinking and Underthinking Halloween

Yes, I did legitimately make up a word.

I made up a word to grab attention to the following notion: NONE ON THE EARTH have even thought about cosplaying as the fictional character of Thrax, that musically Lamb-of-God-ish metal-beast of a villain from that Farley Brothers film from 2001 they call Osmosis Jones. Until Halloween of this year that is. I will host a party at my home cosplaying Thrax.

And yes, whoever reads me, I legit want to do this. However, the part I am TRULY hiding from everyone is how I am to build this due-to-be-unique Cosplay of mine. Well, okay, not unique, some of the people who focused on the Toon aspects of Jones 2001 are the people there would be no Thrax character without.

If you do not know who the Farley brothers are, then… allow me to do what I do best for the internet – educate random people in random nations of Earth:

The Farley Brothers are a directorial Hollywood duo famed for making movies that seem to be confused whether to be childish or intelligent. Osmosis Jones, for example, has no clue whether it wants to be a medically precise Dark Fantasy flick for my fellow metalheads and I to use to get ideas of how to adequately do Character Development for Genocidal Tyrant villains; or if said film wants to be an impossibly simplistic giggle-globe for unborn children to learn from it the fact that farts exist. But on the positive, Thrax is stupendously and gorgeously metal-music-worthy in his own Character Development. So… YAY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

In fact, I am going to make OJ the very first film I review on this website. Yup, after a history of strictly reviewing Music, Politics, Evolutionary biology, and Games. Here comes a mini-history, maybe, of film reviewing…

So. There is that. Perhaps I will act on this promise in November. Thank you all,