Mountain Dew Pitch Black Review

Hello people! I am aware it has been something along the lines of “forever” since I have said anything about anything here…. so perhaps I need to start with a Beverage Review. So here goes something:


  1. I kinda expect a drink called “Pitch Black” to be pure black in color. Instead it’s Blackish Purple. Honesty lesson about how Honesty is just part of true Capitalism, anyone?


  1. I love that they are able to make such an innovative deviation of grape flavoring…
  2. Rather fascinating to me how one can merge the taste of grape juice with such, blessedly, high caffeine content!
  3. Did I mention it is rather fun to notice how the labeling is very Halloween-like no matter what month it is? The Lime green “Mtn” and the very bright red “Dew” and how the outlining of them is rather blackish…

Final Verdict

Not really sure what to say of this particular flavor of Dew…. Perhaps I am just destined to give this a score of 75. This is on the scale of 0 to 100 where 60 or higher means good and 40 or lower means bad. So basically I like this kind of Dew but there are a great many better sorts of Dew out there.

That’s all I got to say about Mountain Dew Pitch Black. Thank you all,



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