The Absence of my Favorite Easterling and Haradrim Article, and how I plan to cope with it

So… I have had an extremely magical weekend with one of my very best friends, specifically my very best Atheist friend. I had intended at one point in this weekend I had with him to show him an article from a website called “The Cimmerian” called “Barbarians of Middle-earth the Haradrim” that was mainly focused on the Haradrim, but from my reading of it simultaneously explains the Haradrim and the Easterlings remarkably well.

This was a phenomenal article and was indeed the only article I honestly cared for on that entire website. Entirely because it explained all I needed to know about the Haradrim and Easterlings in order to make legit portrayals of them in Civilization 5 mods, Medieval 2 Total War mods, or just plain old in-my-brain. It even gave me a massively better idea of how to develop characters among them and tell stories about them than before I’d read the article.

But anyhow, I go to show my friend this article and I find that it has been deleted from the internet. I am justifiably very enraged at what happened to this angelic article at first, but then he managed to calm me with an idea:

Finding the article’s author’s e-mail address and asking the author for a copy of the article.

Well, this idea just might work. If it does, then I will gladly store the normal version and a “Special Extended Edition” of my own in my MacBook Pro hard drive.

In the mean time, I say I am terribly sorry that some Authoritarian Statist Big-Government scum have forced you, owners of the site known as “the Cimmerian”, and your beautiful Haradrim and Easterling explanation magic [or should I call it explanation science as science is the one I believe to be real?] off the internet.

I am a fan of that Haradrim article of yours. That article even gave me ideas of how to develop many of my own races for my own fictional Earth-like planet!

So, in short, I simply needed to get this Cimmerian thing about Haradrim & Easterlings out of my system the most extroverted way I can: by speaking of it right here on WordPress. Thank you all for your understanding,



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