Why I Changed to Atheism

Good morning people. It is nearly 8 AM in my town at the time of me posting this, hence the opening word choices.

But that is not what this post is about, this post is about my history with Non-religious philosophies and why I have converted to Atheism after nearly three years of being a Deist.

My History with Irreligion

Irreligion is the absence of and rejection of religion from one’s beliefs.

I first started with Non-religious philosophy after a long time in my little-kid days of asking myself deep in the brain stem questions about Biblical compatibility with the Prehistoric and Modern animal biology I grew up on at the times and still to this day thrive on loving at my current age of 21. This lead me to adopt Agnosticism, but I never really told anyone until now.

Agnosticism, for those who want me to post a definition in my own words and/or do not know, is the philosophy that no one will ever determine whether any deities [gods & goddesses] exist or not.

Then around the year 2007 I had my first switch to Atheism, which lasted until 2010. Atheism, in my words, is the belief that all deities are inherently fictional characters.

2010 saw me moving on to a philosophy almost no one knows of, called Ignosticism. Being an ignostic means one believes all religions and all fellow irreligious beliefs, including agnosticism, assume too much about the validity of deities. This appealed to me because it harkened over to my typical goal in life to remain always intelligent and wise.

Then in 2013 I questioned the overt simplicity of ignosticism and switched to Deism until September of 2015. My Deist era is when I created this website, and the “Legendary Deist” account I have on YouTube. Then I thought once again about the compatibility of Deism with modern scientific discoveries, and once again I switched to Atheism during September of this year.

Motives for latest conversion to Atheism

As stated above, scientific knowledge once again motivated me to question the existence of any deities. I have thought for some time about how science proves our universe started, by expanding from an initially hot and dense condition, and I thought about the cosmos’s age of 13 to 14 billion years – and it made me question the idea of a deity starting the universe and abandoning it to its future, mainly because I was not sure of the question of how a deity could cause an event like this and still be alive somewhere out in space. Meaning… space is all vacuum and no atmosphere, something I suspect not even a deity can survive. Plus even deism sounds not so scientific to me, hence my latest switch.

Concluding thoughts

As an atheist, I have no problem with people embracing religions, be it Catholicism, other Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Wicca, other Paganism, whatever it may be. Actually quite a contrary, I readily advocate and defend freedom of religion and believe in a maximum social freedom philosophy and maximum economic freedom philosophy. Yes, I am one of the most committed enemies of Marxism and allies of Laissez-faire on Earth. I refuse to ever let the nativism & theocracy of the Far Right turn me against maximum economic freedom, and I also refuse to ever let the progressivism of the Far Left turn me against True maximum social freedom. Not to mention most of the political inputs I keep on this site are and have been and always will be focused on advocating an Empire Of Liberty foreign policy, as foreign policy topics like Military spending and Ending Genocides abroad are my political strong point. Thank you people,



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