Unusual Pet Toad idea!

As people who read this site may know, The Legendary Atheism is a website of many different topics, with science, politics and religion only being three of those topics.

I have decided to make this post to share something you may not expect to be true about me: if I could have any kind of unusual pet, it would be a few members of a species of True Toad, family Bufonidae.

This is mainly because they are very resilient beings who will eat almost any insect or other invert they can fit into their heads. But I also like how just about all of them have the kind of toes that are specialized for digging.

If I could have members of any species of Bufonidae as pets, than the species would be Bufo Asper, the Asian Giant Toad.

Why an Asian Giant Toad?

I would love to own Asian Giant toads because they are a very rare sort of toad to find in markets, especially here in America. I would also love some because from what I can gather they grow to lengths averaging 9 inches from snout to vent.

Also the Asian Giant Toad is a non-invasive alternative to a more commonly marketed species like the Cane Toad that grows to 10 inches from snout to vent.

Plus there is a 25% chance I could get one in pure black, and that would be very musically metal to have for a pet toad! I usually see something in a positive light when I say it is “musically metal”, for those of you who are not sure what I mean by “musically metal”. But, the other colors are grey, brown and green, of which I have equal chance of having one of those if I were to try and succeed in buying one for affordable.

Thank you all for learning this about me today,



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