Empire of Liberty vs Trump’s Immigration Policies


I am not voting for Donald Trump in my party’s primary. In fact, looking at the Individual Candidate’s platforms and knowing they are all going to promote some policies I know are wrong, I say for me it is down between Rand Paul vs Ted Cruz, even though the latter has a reputation of pandering to the Religious right, a faction of religious collectivism within my own party who make me alarmingly embarrassed to have to vote GOP in order to increase individualism and decrease collectivism. I figured since my libertarianism includes and prioritizes support for making Thomas Jefferson’s “Empire of Liberty” vision the eternal global reality, I would make this post about how Trump’s immigration policies contradict Jefferson’s vision.

Border Walls vs Empire of Liberty

Building walls on the borders is not going to stop the Empire of Salafism from crippling the Empire of Liberty, mainly due to the fact that the enemy empire is recruiting new imperials for itself within the United States through various social media plug-ins. I am not making that up, there have been reports all over the year of 2015 about Salafis using social media to turn American teens into commandos of the Empire of Salafism. Border Walls will also prohibit Free Trade from taking place outside of commercial social media sites like Amazon and eBay, and you know what?

These are just the conventional logic inputs of what a border wall will do.

Religious Demographic Ban vs Empire of Liberty

So… as an Atheistic Naturalist, I have nothing against people adhering to an organized religion – be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Taoism, or the Odin-worshipping Norse Paganism that a very enjoyable friend of mine right in my town adheres to – I don’t care at all. But if you are going to ban foreigners from entering here because according to you every single member of a religion is coming here to mentally poison their new peers, then all I can say is this: You are an enemy of the Empire of Liberty, but a different sort of enemy. Not to mention, our nation has a Constitution that specifically prohibits banning people from embracing any particular religion.

What do we need for immigration policy then?

What we need is a policy that simultaneously expands border security and open migration. What do I mean by this? I am referring to the possibility of mandating extensive background checks and psychological examinations to be absolutely totally certain that no one entering is here to dominate and/or destroy for the Salafi Empire, but otherwise leave all other aspects of border security to towns who border foreign nations. That’s right, I said towns instead of saying states. Leave it to town mayors to get his or her town citizens voting about whether most town-dwelling voters think walls are a reasonable border security measure.

  • In other words, the federally mandatory psych-evals and background checks are the ramped up border security.
  • The decentralization of additional border guarding measures to towns and the mandate that an additional measure must be voted on by the townspeople are the ramped up open migration.


Now that I have offered a sane alternative to Trump’s immigration policy ideas, I ask readers of this WordPress: I am I the only one who believes it has been to long since I have done an article here with nothing to do with public policy? Because next post I am looking to talk about something entirely unrelated to public policy. Should my next post to here fit into the topic of:

  • Red Meat cooking & baking?
  • Mountain Dew flavors?
  • Disturbed or other modern rock music?
  • Middle-earth Saga topics like the Haradrim & Easterling Nation?
  • The Star Wars character of Boba Fett?
  • Why I choose Atheistic Naturalism in place of organized religion?
  • My mental warrants for constantly glorifying women with black hair and bright eyes?
  • Something Paleontology with my Dinosaur knowledge?
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle setting and why my research into it makes me a fan of it?

Please choose one while I shy away from my own website for about a week. In the mean time, thank you all for reading this,



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