In all honesty…


All I know about the elections coming up is I want to vote for a candidate who is more often honest than dishonest, and who also has an excellent record on defending both civil liberties and economic freedom. Which brings me to something I found on a website called “Politifact”: Truth-o-meter.

  • The truth o meter indicates Donald Trump is only honest 23% of the time
  • This metric also labels Ted Cruz as only being honest 32% of the time
  • However, it says Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are honest 60% of the time and 66% of the time, respectively.

Who to vote for?

I am thinking I want to put Rand Paul in charge of Attorney General position, and his father Ron Paul in charge of the economy, making Ron both Secretary of Treasury and Chairman of Federal Reserve. But for President… Marco Rubio might be who I seek to put in the White House.


  • Rubio shares 87% of my views, according to candidate & party matching quiz I Side
  • He also the following grades from the Republican Liberty Caucus’s Liberty Index, a candidate voting record revelation system from 2013 that rates Congressmen of both major parties on their voting records from a perspective mirroring Libertarian Party perspective:
    • 90% in Personal Freedom, meaning he is very frequently quick to defend the initial Bill Of Rights as amended by our Founding Fathers, “initial bill of rights” meaning the first ten amendments, these include:
      1. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Media, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly
      2. Right to Defend One’s Self, Right to Own Weapons
      3. Prohibition of harboring soldiers in a civilian’s home without that civilian’s permission
      4. Right to Privacy, Right to Security
      5. Mandate of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”
      6. Transparency in crime cases and Due Process
      7. Mandated Openness to “Findings of Fact”
      8. Prohibition of Torture and Prohibition of Prisoner Abuse
      9. Mandated Government respect for Unmentioned Civil Liberties
      10. State’s Rights, Mandated Federalism
    • 95% in Economic Freedom, meaning he is even more frequently quick to defend the Free Market principles of Privatization, Free Trade, and Free Markets under Capitalism.
  • He has a much better understanding of the rest of the world around us than most of the candidates around him.


I just wanted to get this out of my system where I suspect it will be best learned about me and replied to logically. Thank you all,



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