Did America Create the Salafi Movement?


There are many out there, including the best friend of a relative of mine, who think that Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Taliban and other branches of the Salafi movement are entirely to blame on the United States. There are many ways of debunking this lie without resorting to emotional thought. One of the very easiest is to do research into the Salafi Movement.

How & When America began

The United States began in the year of 1776 AD, with Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence. In 1783 AD America finally got independence, and only eight years later Civil Liberties were established via the Bill of Rights. During the 1780’s during and since the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson created this theme called “Empire of Liberty” to expose to America its own duty to spread freedom to the entire planet. Thus began the now 24-decade old Capitalist Democracy we know as America.

How & When Salafism began

The Salafi Movement began with a “dawah“, or “invitation” [i.e. preaching], in the Ninth Century AD issued by the Iraqi preacher Ahmad ibn Hanbal to get Salafism’s first followers via 20,000 Non-muslims joining this strictly literalist & puritanical approach to Sunni-Islam at the time.

Functioning Brains Will See a Problem…

…with the claim that America created the Salafi Movement. The functioning brain will tell its owner to ask:

How can a nation that was created in the 18th Century be even vaguely responsible for creating movements whose mutual ideology was started up in the 9th Century?


I really do not need to make a massively long post of tens of thousands of words to debunk the fiction that America created Salafism. As an individualist, I assure you all America collectively had nothing to do with creating Salafism. Salafism was entirely created by ONE INDIVIDUAL: Ahmad ibn-Hanbal. Thank you all for learning something in just 307 words.



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