Greater Middle East WISH and WASH of enemy politics


Ever hear the acronym “Wasp” being used for “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant?” Well, Americans like my WINA [White Irish Nonreligious Atheist] young self have heard it innumerable times, often associated with fascist movements that want to purge this nation of people who do not fit into the WASP genetic and mental structure.

First and foremost, I do not hate any demographics based on anything, instead I am careful to single out the individuals responsible for tyranny and terror both domestically and abroad. And the political ideologies that motivate them to do tyranny and terror alike. I am a highly devout individualist in this sense, among other senses.

I thought of this looking at the nature of the two ideological trends of the Greater Middle East that are entirely to blame for the War on Terror happening at all. One is the Salafi Movement, the other is the Khomeinist Revolution.

Basically each of these movements wants to create a never-ending global despotism that is obsessively devoid of anyone who does not fit into a certain acronym.


The Salafis want to purge the world of anyone who is not White Arab Sunni Heterosexual.

The Khomeinists want to purge the world of anyone who is not White Iranian Shia Heterosexual.


The Salafi movement was born in the middle 9th Century AD when the preacher Ahmad ibn Hanbal issued it’s first Dawah, or “invitation”, getting 20,000 Arab followers of Judaism and Christianity at the time to go along with his preachings.

Today, anyone who knows it, or at least such pieces of it as ISIS, should be able to couple their knowledge with the above info to figure out that the Saudi Arabian ideology called Salafism is all about dominating the planet and destroying all who are not WASH, meaning the Salafis want a Humanity of NOTHING BUT White-Arab-Sunni-Heterosexual humans.

Conversely, the Khomeinists want to force the Human species to be a species of NOTHING BUT White-Iranian-Shia-Heterosexual people. This was made very evident while Iran was under the rule of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and is being preached through far more calmly preached rhetoric nowadays by the more subtle but equally evil Hassan Rouhani.

As this latter political ideology’s name indicates, it was started in 1979 AD by Iran’s first Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Believe it or not, the K in his name and in his political ideology’s name is a silent K. You start annunciation with the H.


To a Salafist, if you are not a WASH in the sense explained above than you are instantly his/her enemy.

And to a Khomeinist, if you are not a WISH in the sense explained above than you are instantly his/her enemy.

I seem to remember learning in my Junior Year of High School about a similar movement to the Salafis that was rampant in World War II… except those guys in that time were against all who were not white anglo-germanic catholic… Some ideology merging this bigotry with ultra-fascism and nationalistic socialism to…

I seem to also remember learning about some similar guys to the Khomeinist Revolution who were also a World War II era group, I think they were called “Black Dragon Society”… they were in the East Asia region of world events in the 1930’s and 1940’s as well…

Anyways, thank you all for reading!



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