Libertarian perspectives on military policy


Just like with my last article libertarian perspectives on empire of liberty, this thing is designed to be an idea of a potential Wikipedia article. This one is about libertarian perspectives on military policy, also known as defense policy.

How I’d write the article.

Libertarian perspectives on military policy tend to be diverse, ranging from libertarians who are very pacifistic about military strength, military populace and military spending to libertarians who adhere to a Non-drafting form of militarist belief that is tailor-made for “empire of liberty“. Opinions on Military spending reduction within libertarian philosophy include support for reduction, and two forms of opposition to reduction; support for raising military budget and support for leaving current military budget as-is.

Opposition to changing military budget in either direction tends to be the most popular stance on military spending among middle-ground libertarian Independents in Western Culture nations including Israel; while support for changing military budget in the lesser-budget direction is most popular among Libertarian Parties like that of the United States. Support for changing the budget in the larger-budget direction currently comes most often from Moderate-right partisan libertarians who share Objectivism’s views on the War On Terror without actually being Objectivists themselves.

Support for pacifistic defense policy in libertarianism makes an exception for when one’s nation is in immediate grave danger from a foreign country, but not for other circumstances. Support for a militaristic defense policy in libertarianism is combined with restrictions on how government can build the military [voluntary service only, be fiscally conservative about adding finances] and on how government can use it [follow Thomas Jefferson’s empire of liberty vision {i.e. no geopolitical unification}, only use it against nations who disrupt free trade and open migration, don’t even consider military alliances].

Any of these three different libertarian perspectives on defense policy can be paired with any one of three libertarian perspectives on immigration.


Thank you all for reading this article. I myself take the middle grounds on immigration while supporting the freedom-focused, anti-draft militarism explained above. Thanks again,



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