The Total War Saga of Games


Yes, I am doing another post that’s got nothing to do with public policy.

This time I want to address something that has been on my mind since I first played that atrocity called Total War Rome II. The downfall of the Total War franchise.

Firstly, I love this gaming franchise eternally, and Medieval II, from 2006, is my absolute favorite volume in the series. Also though I really like Rome I from 2004, and I would really like to try Shogun II from 2011, as well as try Empire and Napoleon entries from 2009. All of these, and Medieval I from 2002, and Shogun I the very first entry in the series from 2000, all have this in common: Phenomenal directing by Michael M Simpson. This man and his team of writers have done some exceptional work with the games I have played, and I am sure the same goes for games of his I would love to at least try.

Fall from Epic

Now, with Rome II in 2013 and with every volume since from what I can gather by studying reviews by those who have played them, it appears to me [from looking at IMDB] that we have a new director with new writers who have NO IDEA what made Shogun II and every volume before it so much fun to everyone.

IMDB will not tell me straight who directed Rome II for some weird reason, but on behalf of the entire Total War gaming fanbase, PLEASE GET ANOTHER JOB! YOU ARE TERRIBLE AT VIDEO GAME DIRECTION!

Now, why do I think this new no-name director is terrible at video game direction? Well, Rome II’s initial launch was a disaster, they put limits on themselves of what to fix and what to not fix, and as for the only interesting DLC to me, the Blood & Gore one for Halloween, the actual setting plays out nothing like it was advertised to.

Plus the battle speeches are short and in choppy sentences, even for an Ancient History setting. Apparently the cinematic cutscenes that were a Total War franchise trademark – totally gone. Nothing in the Rome II game feels like it has any life to it that the previous Michael M Simpson games had.

Oh, and music? Sure, it is new and all, but only a few of the scores are intriguing to me.


Look, I am aware this post may seem abrupt, but I like to talk about a variety of topics and the above is really all I have to say for now about the Total War games. If you don’t know Total War games, they are a series of strategy games for Windows operating systems that the Michael M Simpson volumes of [Shogun II and earlier] are the good and worth-your-time entries into. Thank you,



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