How Unaffiliated has the Best Morals of any Religious Affiliation


What am I using the word “Unaffiliated” to refer to? Well, that would be the mindset of Irreligion. And no, this article is NOT the end of my support for Freedom of Religion. I will still very readily defend Freedom of Religion and endorse any candidates for US president who defend freedom of religion, no matter how religious they are on personal levels!

Wikipedia description of Irreligion.

The point of this post is really to demonstrate the morality of organized religion, including variants of atheistic religions like the communism variants, vs the morality of free-thinking irreligion. In fact, how about starting with Non-aggression Axiom violations [specifically slaughters] for Marxism by variant of marxism! I will be mostly using University of Hawaii accounts by Rudolph J Rummel to cite my info. And then I will cover Theistic religions, giving each religion its own category. At some point in this post I will use “NDM” as in “Non Defensive Murders”. One more thing keep in mind: Crimes committed for religions typically only happen from those who take literalist and puritanical approaches to their faiths. Followers of the same faiths who adore and cherish Freedom are not being accused of anything vile by this post.

Slaughters for Marxist-Leninism by Variant

  • 20th Century Chinese Maoism = 77 million defenseless murdered, well OUTSIDE of Non-aggression principles.
  • 20th Century Russian Stalinism = 62 million defenseless murdered
  • Current North Korean Juche = 51,000 per year every year since 1948
  • Pol Pot’s variant in Cambodia = 2 million in only 4 years
  • Iraqi Ba’athism of Saddam Hussein = 2 million in roughly 24 years, ending in 2003
  • Syrian Ba’athism of Bashar al-Assad = Between 10,000 per year and 55,000 per year since 1982.
  • Vietnam’s variant of Marxist-Leninism = 2 million Non-defensive murders

Slaughters for Christianity by variant

  • Pre-WWII Catholicism = 16 million between roughly the 470’s AD to the 1930’s AD
  • WWII-era Catholicism in Germany = 21 million Non-defensive murders
  • Protestantism before 1901 AD = 363,000 NDM

Slaughters for Far-Eastern faith by variant

  • Dynastic Chinese Taoism = 34 million NDM between 220 BC and 1898 AD
  • Genghis Khan’s native Mongolian religion = 30 million in just one full century of rule

Slaughters for Islam by variant

  • Both variants so far = 270 million NDM since this faith’s conception in 632 AD
  • Sunni variant in Sudan = 2 million NDM from 1989 to 2003, 1 million from 2003 to now
  • Shia variant in Iran = 100,000 during Ahmadinejad’s rein, Rouhani’s toll not yet known
  • Saudi Arabia’s Salafi idea of Sunni variant = 50 NDM per day since Saudi Arabia’s creation, and that’s just executions within Saudi borders. Terror sponsored by Saudi Arabia includes the 2001 attacks on NYC that caused 3,000 NDM in just a minute.

Stories you never get, how and why

And now I am done analyzing select religions. How about I start to give some examples of the kinda stories you never get about Free-Thinking Irreligion variants? After the samples list I will explain what makes all of these samples purely ones of pure fiction:

  • “30,000 Atheists and 50,000 Agnostics executed in mere minutes by a Deist mayor of a metropolis for rejecting Deism as fiction!”
  • “Unduly terror begins in Nordic lands as their Materialist populations declare on their Naturalist populations!”
  • “Crazed fury and suicidal mass-murder by Ignostic demographic against Agnostic demographic for ‘answering a meaningless question’ and for ‘considering Ignostic a variant of Agnostic’ resulting in 255,000 deaths.”
  • Pastafarian leader of a nation decided to make Non-pastafarian variants of Irreligion punishable in his nation by death by Acid.”

So how or why exactly are these stories pure fiction? Because us Nonreligious get our morals from something I notice almost no puritanical approach to any Organized Religion allows for: Empathy. Plus, there can’t exactly be a puritanical approach to being religiously Unaffiliated as I am. Instead we opt to get morals from empathy, get our smarts from science, and get our logic from independent, conventional… well, logic.

Thank you all for learning today,



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