My Cultural Policy Outlook


I thought I would commit two political posts to being a break from foreign policy: This one about Cultural policy, next one about economy.

Freedoms of Choice I am Pro-choice on

Despite me not being “pro-choice” on abortion, I have a very long list of things I am pro-choice on, culturally and economically. I am vastly pro-choice and staunchly pro-liberty in the following senses:

  1. Freedom of Public Speech [especially freedom to build one’s own vocabulary without restrictions]
  2. Freedom of the Media [for TV, Radio, film, gaming, comics, novels etc]
  3. Freedom of Religious identity
  4. Freedom of Political identity
  5. Freedom of Food [as in choice of foods]
  6. Freedom of Association [i.e. what my taste in friends can be and what my taste in women can be]
  7. Freedom of Clothing [as in choice of clothing]
  8. Freedom of Movement
  9. Freedom to Security
  10. Freedom to Privacy
  11. Freedom of Education [i.e. school choice]
  12. Freedom of Healthcare [i.e. medicine choice]
  13. Freedom of Sexuality [in one’s adulthood]
  14. Freedom of Marriage [in one’s adulthood]
  15. Freedom of Self-Defense [i.e. whether to rely on weapons to protect one’s self or not]
  16. Freedom of Assembly
  17. Freedom to Petition
  18. Freedom to Due Process
  19. Freedom to Humane Imprisonment [upon being proven guilty of a crime]
  20. Freedom to Bodily Integrity [i.e. whether to do drugs or not, whether to get drunk on weekends or not]

All of the above are the very most important cultural liberalisms to me, in order from most important. Unfortunately, the top seven are not very carefully considered by most Republicans and not considered at all by most Democrats. Instead most Republicans care only about the number 14 thing and most Democrats care only about the number 13 and number 20 things.


Next post I will talk about what I advocate for by advocating Economic Freedom. Thank you all,



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