Alternative Federal Register Book of Limits


You know how I have learned that the book of legislated equalities and legislated moralities is called the “Federal Register”? Well, whether you do or not, I am going to tell you about the crimes against the Constitution that are the Federal Register regulations.

My Case

Source material linked here. Rounding done for simplification.

88,000 restrictions on what We The People are allowed to do in our personal time and/or on our jobs. And there is no clear indication of whether they have anything to do with the Non-aggression Axiom.

Based on the enforcement budgets government has, 82% of these Unconstitutional laws are restrictions of economy [on-duty life], the other 18% are restrictions of culture [off-duty life].

If we look into the Non-aggression axiom, its only restrictions are prohibitions of behaviors that are Malum in se, or “evil in itself”. If we look at what these Federal Register bans and limitations address, they address things so trivial the phrase for them is Malum prohibitum, or “evil because prohibited”.

That means while I was right to assume there are 16,000 Malum prohibitum laws, that is only government limits to social freedom. The other 72,000 Malum prohibitum laws of the US are limits to economic freedom.

What Am I Suggesting?

I am suggesting we rid reality of every copy in America of the Federal Register and write a new “Federal Register” whose limits to We The People are nothing but “Malum in se” sorts of limits. No thicker than about 16 laws worth of pages [10 against the 10 violent crimes known to civic law, 5 against the 5 property crimes, and one against fraud], which I suspect will make this new Federal Register about… 20, or 40, maybe 60 pages long depending on how many words are voted into each law on average by us… the voters.


I honestly have nothing else to type into this post. Thank you for learning,



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