Rubio’s College Fuel Plan Beats Sanders’s


Before and after learning that Marco Rubio recognizes Religious Liberty to include the right to be Nonreligious like I am, and therefore has regained my support for him for 45th president, I read this marvelous article.

So marvelous and informative is this article it inspired me to do something similar here on my WordPress.

I recently looked into the “College for All Act” from Bernie Sanders, and this… thing… imposes yet more “Robin Hood Tax” garbage on our economy without addressing ANY of the following REAL issues with American Education:

  1. Sanders fails to address the fact that it is the Federal Reserve’s obsession for Fiat Money and neither Wall Street corporations nor Main Street businesses that keeps raising prices on basically everything, educational or not.
  2. Sanders fails to address the fact that the good people of OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment have been revealing to the world for the first 12 years of this century that government spending on education typically worsens student performance instead of bettering it.
  3. Sanders fails to address the fact that Reason discovered just two years ago that more millennials WANT merit-driven funding of individuals [57%] than want anything to do with his egalitarian crusade [40%].
  4. Sanders fails to address the fact that for majorities of millennials like me, business is not the enemy, and that 55% of us believe corporate taxes should either be changed for the lower or not at all, while 54% of us believe corporate taxes should be allowed to change for the larger, if change at all.

Marco Rubio adapts to this 2010’s decade. Bernie Sanders is stuck in the 1930’s decade.

A Rubio presidency would not ruin America for millennials in regard to college, in fact…

  1. Rubio has sponsored the Student Right to Know Before You Go Act, which would practically invent transparency about college by publicly showcasing the facts about college graduation rates and potential annual salaries basically everywhere in the US, so that millennials like me can make informed decisions about college.
  2. Rubio also sponsored the Investing In Student Success Act, which creates legal framework for investment NGOs [Non Government Organizations] to finally be allowed to finance a millennial’s education [i.e. my education] and be rewarded for this investment with a minority percentage of the annual income a millennial makes off the job he gets, or she gets, as payoff for graduating college. That way investors want students to pursue high-value degrees because they know the same small percentage will translate to a larger share every year if the student’s college performance earns one a higher salary.
  3. Rubio even came up with something called Dynamic Student Loan Repayment Act, which would make payments begin when students get their first job, and adapt to how much or little a college goer makes in a year. For example, given that I only make a four-digit sum of money per year, this law would require investors to adapt to that.
  4. Lastly Rubio is a major player in supporting the Alternative Qualifications for Federal Employment Act, which uses a five-year federal pilot program to hire people who have received university-quality training outside of universities to encourage use of online college ed, among other non-traditional learning styles.

Marco Rubio is going to modernize American education, and improve student performances without involving himself in the education of any students but his own offspring, and even then as their parent and not as a politician. But he will only do so if he gets voted into the White House.


Well, to end this post, I will go ahead and say that I will be voting for Rubio in the primaries and hopefully also in the general election. Because as far as I have researched, Marco Rubio is so far the only Republican candidate with a widely known college fueling plan. And if you are wondering what Paleontology will make me, then the Georgetown University study in the link I provided in the start of this post has the salaries for the required majors [Environmental Studies, Biology, Geology, and Geography] which average out to $60,000 per year, but it does not give an official Paleontology Salary. I am aware this is an inconvenience, but I say it is a trivial one. Thank you for learning,



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