7th Republican Debate Marco vs Rand


I must say… before we begin to decide which one of these two won between just the two of them, I can prove with other peoples’ behavior that I need to parent the planet about what my exact political views are until I pass away: I am a neolibertarian Independent, meaning

  1. culturally that I desire a permissive society wherein the only legislated social norms are classically liberal objections against doing malum in se behaviors against real people & real things in real life,
  2. economically that I desire a laissez-faire economy of capitalism wherein the only labor laws and business restrictions are once again against malum in se behavior against real entities in real life,
  3. the foreign policy I desire is one that uses a carrot or stick style diplomacy to spread Thomas Jefferson’s “The Empire of Liberty” globally while still doing Free Trade and honest friendships with like-minded nations and not entangling military alliances, and lastly
  4. the defense policy I desire is one that uses overwhelming, non-regulated military force as used in the Civil War by General Sherman and in World War II by General Parson against State Sponsors of Jihad, but only in retaliation for menacing a national interest of ours like American Independence and/or Foreign Trade with the friends we have through OECD.

And believe me I can name more national interests we have, i.e. as someone who likes to travel a lot and make new friends a lot I can guarantee Americans’ right to travel in a balance of massive liberty and massive security is a US national interest.

But now that this is out of the way, let me talk about why I post this today:

Maybe Rand was Right about being the only hopeful defending the entire Bill of Rights

When I read the 7th GOP debate transcript, from a printed magazine source so to me it is more likely to be honest than it is to be dishonest, what struck me as unsettling is that Marco Rubio claimed to want to close down mosques, restaurants, and any other civilian property where Salafi ideology could be preached.

Plus this was after he rightfully condemned the just-war-theory ethics that prohibit our military from winning. I am honestly baffled that he would support my kind of defense policy and then oppose my kind of cultural policy – given he’s the one who e-mailed me about support for his campaign!

These policies are damaging to the kind of economic policy I favor as well. It’s estimated that nearly $2 billion every day is pumped in our economy and 14 million employees work for restaurants. My best friends who are very similar to each other in nature we both among these 14 million until one of them had to be laid off for these reasons I have absolutely nothing against:

  1. he’d prefer a job where interacting with people is optional instead of mandatory
  2. his restaurant could not afford to pay for him due to government restrictions beyond his control and also beyond his ex-employer’s control

To close all restaurants collectively would violate not just the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, it would also violate permissive society and laissez-faire.

This means basically I have now been swayed back to supporting Rand Paul instead of Marco Rubio, even if I may disagree with Rand on certain methods for spreading the Empire of Liberty. Yes, he is not a Non-interventionist like his father, in fact in one interview he identified in foreign policy as a Realist.


I am very sad to see that same guy who declared that my fellow Nonreligious and I have a right to exist under religious liberty despite his loyalty to his faith is now claiming that we need to murder 14 million American jobs to be safe from Saudi Arabia’s Islamic-Nationalist empire. Thank you all,



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