Everything Wrong With Every Nationalism


With all said and done, nationalism of any kind is terrible. Why? Well, let us look at one of the universal dictionary definitions of nationalism in general:

An extreme form of xenophobia, especially marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries or peoples.

Motive for post

So that when I start to speak of various Nationalisms, people will refer to this post to know what I speak of.

1. Collectivist Thinking

The biggest and most blaring problem all nationalisms have in common is collectivism. Islamic Nationalism, for example, currently wants to collectively unify all muslims into a planet wherein all Non-muslims are either dead or slaves. Hence the nations who espouse it created militias like ISIS and Al-Qaeda without any part of it [other than us doing trade with some of them] being the fault of us Americans. Other nationalisms have similar collectivist stories to them, like… Imperial Japan during WWII wanted to kill or enslave all Non-Japanese.

2. Authoritarian Regime

The other big blaring problem with nationalisms in general is they tend to want to control every aspect of every life on Earth. Whether you want to exemplify Germanic Nationalism during World War II, or Islamic Nationalism during current events like the War On Terror, either one has a certain people that it wants to make the only people on Earth who are treated like people. Authoritarian governance is very frequently, throughout history, motivated by one kind of nationalism or another. Medieval Mongols were not motivated by their genomes to make 90% of Asia an empire run exclusively by them, instead the Medieval Mongol Empire was motivated to exist by Mongolian Nationalism. The Arab League of today was not formed back in the 1940’s on behalf of any kind of post-modernizing of Arabian understandings of science, but rather it was founded on Arab Nationalism, the notion that Earth should be a world of only Arab humans.

3. Empire of NOT Liberty.

Something Thomas Jefferson wanted Americans to free the world of is Empires of Tyranny, but suspected doing so effectively would require unilateral principles like avoiding military alliances. Hence his theme from Christmas of 1780, “Empire of Liberty”. Which leads us right into something that makes nationalism a big enemy of humanism: All nationalisms have in common an obsession for making Earth into some kind of Empire of Tyranny. Islamic Nationalism has its World Caliphate aims, in Medieval times Christian Nationalism wanted to create a planet of Biblical theocracy. Germanic Nationalism in the 1930’s and 1940’s wanted to make all of Earth exclusively healthy to Germans only. General Tojo’s Japanese Nationalism wanted Earth for Japanese people only.

4. Bigotry and Pessimism

I will just claim these two problems are one problem, because these issues tend to fuel each other. Nationalism motivates bigotry against and pessimism about peoples outside of the brand of nationalism. For example, Islamic Nationalism motivates hardcore bigotry against Non-muslims and pessimism about not just us [as I am non-Muslim in the sense of rejecting all religions as all equally fiction] but also about Muslims who reject & condemn Islamic Nationalism. And yes, many Muslims on Earth condemn and reject Islamic Nationalism, I cannot thank Anti-nationalist Muslims enough for rejecting Islamic Nationalism! But this is not the only nationalism that does this, many nationalisms have existed across history. My ethnicity [94% Irish], for example, has suffered for thousands of years from British Nationalism, until eventually a rouge sector of my ethnicity formulated Irish Nationalism and the Irish Republican Army [known in Europe as simply IRA].


Now that I have educated everyone about how truly evil nationalisms all are, did you know nationalism can be ethnic, religious, or just plainly based on a pre-existing nation? Regardless, thank you for reading,



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