Marriage, Science, and Social Policy


Before anyone spreads false rumors about me on what I believe is real marriage policy, let me explain my stance I have as an individual.

Just because I vote Republican does not make me homophobic, and it certainly does not make me misogynistic either. In fact; I believe in equal opportunity, the 18th Century individualist feminism of Mary Wollstonecraft, civil rights, and all manner of individualist virtues.

My Stance On Gay Marriage Legality

I think all marriages, gay and traditional, should be a capitalist institution, specifically meaning one wherein each marriage is a privately owned contract operated between two or a few consenting adults for kinship. The point here is not that capitalism has the option of operating a Non-profit institution, even though that’s a fact about capitalism. The point here is, instead, that government of all levels – federal, state, and local – should have nothing to do with the individual’s romantic and intimate life.

The Science of Marriage

Apparently, evolutionary biology and studying our prehistoric ancestors is the way to recognize that generally, traditional marriages are usually healthier off than non-traditional marriages. Fellow ethnically Irish neolibertarian Mark Humphrys wrote an article that explains it better than I ever will be able to what the science is behind one-man-one-woman marriages being normally the best of. An article called “Family Values“.

But allow me to try to summarize it in my own words:

  • The Jewish and Christian notion of the traditional marriage and traditional family being the best-off family is based on Zoology and Evidence
  • The Far-left Illiberal Progressive notion of non-traditional families being always better behaved no matter what is based on Faith and Feelings.
  • Children with their biological fathers in their homes are far healthier off than children who are deprived of their biological fathers.
  • Misogyny-motivated violence is far more common outside marriage than within marriage.
  • Divorce is normally a bad choice, both for the adults and for their children.
  • Child abuse happens far more often outside marriage than within it.

Also let me clarify, based on the fact Humphrys mentioned them, that I am vastly opposed to Animal Rights and refuse to engage in Vegetarianism on a personal level. I oppose animal rights because it is not compatible with civilized prosperity. But that’s another topic for me to delve into later. This article of his does not clarify his stance on animal rights or on vegetarianism on a personal level of his.


Now you know how I view the concept of marriage. Scientifically I observe that one-man-one-woman marriages are the healthiest off, especially when the couple has offspring. And Politically I believe marriage should be a non-profit capitalist institution instead of a government institution. Thank you for learning,



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