YouTube channel to have content soon


I have a YouTube channel called The Legendary Deist, even though I am not a deist anymore. Instead I am a fully Nonreligious Naturalist. I tend to avoid the God question, but if I had to pick an answer to it, I would say all gods and goddesses are fictional characters. I am guessing this makes me an atheist or something.

What the videos will be about

In addition to the admittedly obvious feisty foreign policy topic, other topics discussed will be:

  1. Dinosaurs
  2. Middle-earth
  3. Warhammer Fantasy [NOT 40k]
  4. Elder Scrolls
  5. Video Games
  6. Games Workshop
  7. Cosplay
  8. Lego people
  9. Red Meat
  10. Mountain Dew
  11. Cinema Films
  12. Libertarian domestic policy
  13. Religion vs Irreligion

When they will air

I am looking to give each topic one thing new every day I have away from my normal job. So if I have a 3-day weekend like I have this week, that’s 3 videos per topic times 14 equals 42 videos.

And a 4-day weekend would make for 56 uploads and a 2-day weekend would make for 28 videos.

I will always do these videos home alone.

How they will look

Basically you will see me in a backdrop using a MacBook app called “Photo Booth” that I drew by hand and colored in with GIMP image manipulator. They will be about 4 minutes each. All videos will be in full color but have some awkward visuals to them that appear to be just performance glitches in Photo Booth. Editing will happen on iMovie.

How they will sound

I will have a different Audionautix royalty-free song for each topic. But no topic will have two or more different songs from them. Just the same 14 songs throughout my YouTube use. My voice will be moderately loud and I will do my best to gather my thoughts before recording myself on any of the above topics.

Why they will exist

For me to explain myself on all 14 of my most passionate interests, and for people to be interested in buying copies of my backdrops as drawings from me on Amazon. But their is an educational ring to it: I want humans to be smarter because I believe humanity in general is urgently in need of intellectuals to bring them to full conscience. I am of course going to be a simple intellectual as opposed to professional, but my means for existing still stands clear.


Thank you all for reading this today,



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