Constitutional Foreign Policy for the US


National Defense and military spending are constitutional functions of federal government. This is made clear as to what federal government can and cannot do in Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution – Powers of Congress. There is nothing in Section Nine, limits on Congress, that endorses the US Libertarian Party’s puritanical obsession for pacifist foreign policy. This is me, a center-right libertarian Independent who has more common ground with the LP [83% of my views are similar to theirs] than with either of the Republicans [77%] or Democrats [43%], saying this.

As one of the Founding Fathers and as the third president of this nation himself, Thomas Jefferson had a foreign policy whose goal was “Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship with all nations, but military alliances with None” and whose plan for achieving that goal was to merge a duty of spreading the “Empire of Liberty” to the world while, again, not entangling alliances.

Is there a foreign policy we can adopt that implements and honors Jefferson’s ideas while obeying sections 8 and 9 of Article 1 of the Constitution?

Yes, there is, and let me explain:

1. No long term occupations

Long term military occupations of nation building have proven in Iraq and Afghanistan to be disaster policies. We need quick, decisive, and short-term self-defensive action, NOT long-term occupation and not self-sacrificial policies of humanitarian aid to nations whose operators are enemies of the US.

2. Target Ideologies and not Strategies.

The reason the War On Terror is a total fail has nothing to do with the fact that it’s a war, but everything to do with the war being waged against a strategy instead of the ideology motivating the strategy. A minimum, or so I am guessing while NOT confirming, of 80% of today’s acts of ‘Terror’ are motivated by a religious brand of Nationalism, called Islamic Nationalism. This variant of nationalism was not born out of retaliation to American or other Western Country policy, but entirely by the Early Medieval theocratic nationalism in what’s now the Greater Middle East. But other ideologies motivating Terror against the US include North Korean Juche [who I’d guess commits 15% of modern acts of Terror] and Cuban Castroism [I am guessing this ideology does 5% of modern acts of Terror]. These ideologies motivate all authoritarian and some hybrid regimes to sponsor terror against those who contradict the ideology, which leads to step 3…

3. Find Out Who Sponsors How Much Terror

The absolute most prolific State Sponsor of Terror on Earth, right now, is Saudi Arabia. But other highly prolific sponsors of Terror these days are:

  1. Iran
  2. Pakistan
  3. Cuba
  4. North Korea
  5. Every Hybrid or Authoritarian Regime in the Arab Nation.

4. Figure out whose Terror endangers US national interests

Now, before I explain this step, I am going to define US interests:

  1. Free trade with fellow members of the OECD
  2. Free trade with other Full or Flawed Democracies whose economies are also Free or Mostly Free
  3. Free trade with other nations who make up for not being in these categories by not sponsoring Terror
  4. Freedom of movement between America and the nations implied above
  5. Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship with any nation who does NOT sponsor Terror
  6. Avoiding military alliances every time, all the time

5. Get Wars on Sponsors of Terror approved by Congress

Only Congress can declare wars, not the president, not his or her cabinet, only Congress. But they are going to need intelligence agents to gather information as implied above in order to be able to have a case proven to them with evidence.

6. Fight one enemy at a time

Do not fight against several enemies at once. This has proven to basically MANY civilizations across history to be another brand of disaster policy.

7. Fight so hard against the enemy nation that ONLY its civilian people are spared

This step is basically me saying do not target civilian people, but do target all property, all infrastructure, and all resources belonging to both civilians and soldiers, while also targeting the enemy regime and soldiers themselves. This includes ridding an enemy nation of its national treasury. Why such harsh policies but with no targeting of civilian people? Because as has been proven in the American Civil War and in World War II, waging a war of this kind for Unconditional surrender is the only way to quickly, decisively, and victoriously end a war. General Sherman knew this when he fought against the Confederate States, sparing ONLY the civilians, but NOT their resources, properties or infrastructures. The result was the civilians of the CSA were obsessed on unconditionally surrendering to end the brutality of life they had from losing everything to surrendering – basically I am saying make the dangers of supporting and harboring regime sponsorship of Terror ultra-real to enemy civilian populations, one nation at a time. I absolutely do NOT want any killed, because then who is going to carry out unconditional surrender to us? And before surrendering how are the acts of Terror they currently tolerate going to be real at all to enemy-controlled civilian people if none of them are alive to experience a wretched life of consequences of approving acts of Terror by their national government?

And what do you know – General Sherman’s boss, Abraham Lincoln, was a major exponent of Empire of Liberty! And our military defeated the brand of nationalism motivating slavery at the source of that nationalism brand without getting any foreign militaries involved!


So basically I have laid out a Constitutional foreign policy that also plugs American history into what does and does not work at making enemies be not enemies. Thank you all,



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