Another Link for Mark Humphrys To See


Mark Humphrys, for those who don’t know who he is, lives in Dublin, Ireland and like me he is also a right-leaning atheist and libertarian who happens to be far from a pacifist on foreign policy issues. This is my second post of sharing info with him, and like last time this one is also about the 2016 Electoral race for the White House.

The link

Marco Rubio implies that religious liberty includes the right of atheists and other Irreligious to exist as a religious affiliation. Even though he incorrectly defines it as not believing in anything, he still is aiming to honor the First Amendment rights of Christians, Atheists, and other religious affiliations and is quite a unifier of right-leaning conservatives, populists, libertarians and centrists as well. This is the Republican most likely to motivate anti-pacifism atheists to vote Democrat. Article is here.


If you are reading the rest of this Mark Humphrys, either you can comment in the comment box or you can write a section of your “who would I vote for” article about this, or do both. Choice is yours. Everyone, including Humprhys, thank you for reading this,



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