German Nationalism vs Islamic Nationalism


I find the atrocities committed by the Nazis with their German Nationalism during World War II to be completely disturbing and psychopathic. I also find the atrocities committed for Islamic Nationalism by this latter nationalism’s followers to also be psychopathic. But I want to post this essay to contrast the two different nationalisms.

What did German Nationalists Want back then?

They wanted to make all non-German races the slaves of the Germanic ethnicity. Basically this makes German Nationalism a Racial Nationalism. These racial nationalists murdered 6 million people for being of Jewish ethnicity as part of their attempt at enslaving non-Germanic ethnic races.

What do Islamic Nationalists want these days?

These present-day nationalist enemies want to exterminate all Non-muslim religious demographic from the world, including the 1.1 billion Nonreligious folks that I myself am one of, and the Earth’s 14 million adherents to Jewish Religion. As has been proven by recent events, these Religious Nationalists want to do this by conquering every nation on the planet, and of course they want to enslave the majority of Muslims who oppose Islamic Nationalism.

Looking at the adherent charts I linked to, and knowing 23% of Earth’s humans are Muslims, this means Islamic Nationalists want to kill 77% of Earth’s humans and enslave the rest. This means the Islamic Nationalists want to kill 5.39 billion people – that is, not exaggerating because I used a calculator, 898 times as many people as were murdered by the German Nationalists of WWII for being of Jewish Race.

This makes Islamic Nationalism 898 times worse-behaved, and eviler, than German Nationalism. Remember that essay I posted here about Religious Nationalisms being usually far worse-behaved than Race Nationalisms? Now I think people who read that can better understand where I am coming from.

How can civilians fight Islamic Nationalism?

I have already talked of how military should fight back against Islamic Nationalism. But civilians of all racial, religious, gender and other demographics can all fight this religious nationalism the same way an idol of mine who I wish I could have met in person, Christopher Hitchens, fought back against it: assertively remind these nationalists that freedom of expression trumps their religion twelve times out of ten. “All humans are NOT to depict or describe the Prophet Muhammad in any context!” they will say, to which the response is “No, Muslim humans are NOT to depict or describe the Prophet Muhammad in any context!” I, for example, am an adherent to Irreligion and NOT to Islam, so I can depict and/or describe any historic figures, currently living people, or – my favorite to depict and describe – fictional characters I wish to.


Well, I think that about sums up the points I wanted to make this morning. Thank you all for reading,



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