Bernie Sanders vs Reality

I have been told by someone close to me that either I can vote for Bernie Sanders or I can vote for:

  • tiny minimum wage
  • neglected infrastructure
  • long, invasive occupations with the intention of redeeming broken societies
  • massive student debt

Like this is an accurate representation of what my options are! NO, the person who told me this is GRAVELY MISINFORMED. I am going to vote for:

  • merit-driven wage standards
  • privatized work on infrastructure
  • short, decisive retaliations for endangerment of national interests like free trade and global tourism and science expeditions
  • modernized, privatized education that emphasizes school choice and freedom of education, including passage of the Student Right To Know Before You Go Act.

Bernie Sanders has none of the above four to offer. So I am not voting for him, I am voting for whoever gives me all four of the things on this latter list. I also don’t want a candidate that endorses political correctness as Bernie does, and I do not want a candidate that changes positions to pander to everyone possible like Hillary Clinton does. This is all I have to say on the subject.


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