I Side With… Which Party and Candidate Again?


Last night I did a post complaining about someone close to me trying to force me to vote exactly as he wishes to. While I regret the lack of thought in that post, I still stand by the Political Independence it advocates, and for this reason I will not delete it. Whereas with that essay I did about the sexual jihad in Germany, turns out I completely misunderstood the situation there so no human will never see that essay again.

Parties I side with by ratio of common ground

  1. Libertarian Party, 82%
  2. Constitution Party, 77%
  3. Republican Party, 72%
  4. Green Party, 31%
  5. Democrat Party, 28%
  6. Socialist Party, 21%

Now obviously the point of this is for me to identify which party to vote for the most often in elections [in my case it is the Libertarian Party, even though I cannot stand their devout pacifist policies].

Perhaps the most amusing fact about my results on the ISideWith.com website of late is that two minor parties stand above the GOP in common ground with me and three of them stand above the Democrats in common ground with me!

Candidates I side with by ratio of common ground

  1. Marco Rubio, 82%
  2. Jeb Bush, 77%
  3. Ted Cruz, 74%
  4. Carly Fiorina, 73%
  5. Gary Jonson, 72%

I am going to cut my own list off at Gary Johnson even though there are seven other candidates to speak of my common ground with. Why is this? Because I want to point out the thing I find the most amusing about my results:

  • Marco Rubio shares as much common ground with me as the Libertarian Party does even though he is a Republican Partier!
  • Gary Johnson shares as much common ground with me as the Republican Party does even though he is a Libertarian Partier!

It is simply an entertaining irony to me. I and I think I know why this is, it may have something to do with Rubio’s unifying skills:

  • He does not cater exclusively to the Christian-right, as proven by his declaration in Iowa that religious liberty includes both the right to be devoutly Non-religious atheist [as I am] and the right to be devoutly Christian, and prohibits anyone from censoring anyone from speaking of their religious affiliation
  • He does not cater exclusively to libertarians like me, as proven in a good way by his foreign policy knowledge and proven in a bad way by many of his social policy and drug policy beliefs
  • He does not cater exclusively to populists, as proven by his willingness to declare that foreign policy is the field where he declares the people with the most knowledge and experience should make the decisions
  • He does not cater exclusively to elitists, as proven by his Senatorial voting record of voting in favor of US Constitution literalism 90% of the time, and of voting in favor of Laissez Faire economics 95% of the time.


Perhaps this means to me if Marco Rubio were to, regrettably, lose the GOP primary, then I should vote Gary Johnson over his Party Affiliation and over how much common ground he has with me [72%] compared to people like Bernie Sanders [33%] or Hillary Clinton [37%]

So I guess that is all I have this morning. Thank you all,



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