Individual Platform for 2016 and beyond


I have three different drafts about what I have for a platform as an individual, but this one is the one you can read and say is my individual platform starting in the current year of 2016. If I was running for office, I would be “[my full real name] for Secretary of State” as an Independent. But since I am not running for office, and I do not plan to either, I am going to put my platform to you this way.

My Platform

I am very strongly in favor of individualist culture and permissive society:

  • I believe all recreational drugs should be legalized, and neither taxed nor regulated. Only punish those whose drug dose puts them up to a violent crime or a property crime
  • I believe all handheld weapons should be legalized, and once again – no taxes or regulations of them except to punish violent and property crime convicts.
  • I believe that porn, including fetish media that’s got nothing to do with actual intercourse, should be legal for all adults if it only depicts consenting adults.
  • I believe marriage should be recognized as between two or a few consenting adults and have nothing to do with government, plus religious institutions should have the option of refusing to perform marriages that contradict their religion’s idea of legit marriage.
  • I believe banning people based on their religious affiliation is disgustingly tyrannical so naturally I believe in freedom of religion for all religions from Christianity to Islam to Judaism, for all spiritualities, for all pseudo-religious philosophies like satanism, and for all non-religious philosophies from atheism to deism.
  • I believe everyone – gender being fully immaterial – has bodily integrity, the right to ownership of their own body, and therefore I say no particular kind of food or drink should ever be criminalized and no particular kind of clothing or fashion should ever be criminalized either. And all birth controls should be lawful, non-taxed and non-regulated as well.
  • I believe that bodily integrity also applies to fertilized unborn kids and therefore happily support replacing legal right to abortion with legal right to over-the-counter pregnancy prevention and/or reversal medicines, among other legal rights to other medicinal alternatives to abortion.
  • I believe in absolute free expression for all people, books, drawings, essays, video games, movies, board games, Lego items, paintings, Citadel Miniatures, Cosplays, novels, comics and so forth – with the only restrictions being bans on violent and property crimes against real people & properties in real life.
  • I believe in a society and culture of speeding up scientific progress and of always questioning authority, a society where real sciences like evolutionary biology and Comprehensive Sex Ed totally flourish
  • I believe that the age of independence for everything relating to one’s own body should be decided for individual minors by THEIR individual parents, so long as it is within an age range between 14 and 18.

I am very strongly in favor of small government and liberal democracy:

  • I believe campaign financing should only be funded by individuals based on which candidates they notice has the most common ground and least dissident ground with them, because clearly I have seen no two people have the same political platform at heart. This means I oppose elitist Super PACs but tolerate populist Grassroots PACs.
  • I believe that the presidential term limit of two terms lasting four years a piece should also be the term limit for every holder of every federal office: Supreme court justice, Senator, House of Reps, you name it.
  • I believe the pattern of individuals deciding for themselves which individual politicians are the most like them should be the normalized pattern of endorsing and voting for candidates, NOT the collective judgement of politicians by party or even ideology affiliations that is, remorsefully, normalized these days.
  • I believe Supreme Court Justices should be elected, once again, through individual judgement of which candidate for SCJ has the most common ground with the voter making the judgement, NOT through some collectivist approach like electing someone just because they are Republican or just because they are one of the illiberal totalitarians we know as Progressives.
  • I believe people should be allowed to voluntarily finance and endorse candidates as individuals who share political views with the individual politicians, NOT as corporations, as labor unions, as demographics, or even as religious institutions
  • I believe that instead of legalizing voting without a photo ID, we should lower the legal voting age to 16, and the legal voter registry age to 14.

I am very strongly in favor of capitalism, privatization, and laissez-faire:

  • I believe education should all be 100% privatized, as to be managed by parents and teachers and at the college level thirdly by students. For example, instead of legislating zero-dollar priced college, we should get the government out of colleges and universities and let the student work out with her teacher direct payment of the teacher based on what the student legitimately learned
  • I believe that marriage should be a non-profit capitalism institution wherein each marriage is a private contract owned and operated between two or a few consenting adults for kinship, but again NOT for profit.
  • I believe that the only government regulations of business should be ones requiring business directors to enforce laws against violent crimes and against property crimes on their own initiative.
  • I believe that environmental concerns should be addressed by ecologists and the fuel industry working together on mass production exclusively of alternative fuels, all without government mandates
  • I believe that stem cell research should be voluntarily funded by the majority of American individuals who evidently support stem cell research, instead of being given any tax dollars or subject to any government regulations
  • I believe that the only moral Tax Code possible was invented by Milton Friedman in his book “Capitalism and Freedom”, and that it is the Negative Income Tax, and I believe that the flat rate should be 25%, and that the annual income limit between being taxed 25% if above the limit and subsidized 25% if above the limit should be $50,000.
  • I believe that the only real way to stop inflation and the ballooning labor costs is to replace the Federal Reserve with the US Constitution’s First Article’s Tenth Section’s Gold standard and Silver standard hybrid law.
  • I believe that basically any government activity that is not about science or foreign policy should be privatized, and as someone with the highest-functioning of autisms, I believe that disability compensation as solicited by the Americans With Disabilities Act should be handled by Non-profit charities that have nothing to do with government or even with politics.
  • I believe that unlimited free trade is an excellent ideal and the best foreign trade system ever devised, and therefore it is in America’s national interest to defend and expand the safety of absolutely unlimited free trade.
  • I believe that there is no such thing as a tax or regulation that should be of the internet that has nothing to do with standing against violent crimes against real folks in real life, I oppose both corporate takeover of the internet [i.e. SOPA and ACTA] and government takeover of the internet [i.e. Net Neutrality].

I am very strongly in favor of an activist foreign policy with its diplomacy being modeled on the idea of “Empire of Liberty”:

  • I believe that diplomatic chats with foreign politicians should be about liberal democracy and individual judgement and how they are far superior to totalitarianism and collectivism all the time, ten times out of ten
  • I believe that the United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization both lack moral authority over the globe due to their encroachments on various national Declarations of Independence and on various National Sovereignties in general
  • I believe that the only moral global governance forum is the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development precisely because it is the only GGF that does not infringe on the national independences of its members
  • I believe that the real friends we have are 32 of our 33 fellow OECD members and that the other real friends we also have are our fellow Capitalist Democracies who happen to be outside of OECD.
  • I believe that citizens of members of OECD should be able to vote on what to do to a foreign member’s membership based on its respect for its fellow OECD members, for example every OECD population except the Turkish population should be able to vote on Turkey’s membership based on their latest act of Non-respect for their fellow OECD member Israel
  • I believe that free trade and the above diplomatic patterns should be the primary tools in expanding the “empire of liberty” to the globe.
  • I believe that the only nations we should not do free trade with are the ones who legitimately conduct or sponsor acts of Terror against free trade, against freedom of movement, and against diplomatic and scientific expeditions, this has historically proven to include and still currently includes
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Iran
    • Sudan
    • Cuba
    • North Korea
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Kuwait
    • Qatar
    • Pakistan
    • Afghanistan
    • Iraq
    • Syria
    • Gaza Strip and West Bank
    • Turkey [due to their plan of betrayal of OECD in regards to Israel]
  • I believe that any nation not on the above bulleted list is fair game for free trade, freedom of travel, tourism, archeology expedition, or other science-motivated civilian expedition, as well as for mutual respect between nations.

I am very strongly in favor of a very strong volunteer military that fights with Big Stick Policies:

  • I believe that the NSA and CIA should be saving their intelligence-collecting energy for gathering evidence of State Sponsors of Terror being up to ultimate evil instead of throwing it away on spying on Americans WITHOUT warrants
  • I believe that US military service by domestic-born US citizens should always be strictly voluntary and never a mandatory result of being born in the US. As for immigrants – legal or illegal – they should only be given citizenship if they can prove themselves loyal to US National Interests and the US Constitution as soldiers of ours in the War On Terror.
  • I believe that when the CIA and NSA can prove cases of State Sponsored Terror to US Congress, then the US Congress should be the only people in charge of answering the question of sending the US military into battle
  • I believe that America’s War On Terror is actually failing due to the Feds’ refusal to target the State Sponsors of Terror in any serious or legit manner.
  • I believe that the legit way to end a guerrilla style Terror militia is to defeat that militia first and then go after the State Sponsor of them
  • I believe that the legit way to end a State Sponsor of Terror is to simultaneously drone strike, infantry strike, and aquatic strike the Sponsor’s nation’s infrastructure, resources, military, and emergency servants into oblivion so that the civilian population can and will surrender without any conditions favoring their nation
  • I believe that Terror militias who are de facto regimes are best defeated the same way described above that their Established Nation sponsors are best defeated
  • I believe that the US military is abysmally over-regulated but is financially the right size right now, or if it isn’t the right size right now then I only believe a slight increase like 15% in military budget is reasonable
  • I believe that it is only wise to go after ONE State Sponsor of Terror at a time, and not try to target several all at once, as is one thing truly wrong with the War On Terror
  • I believe that US military counterattacks should always be Short, Decisive, Ruthlessly fought Retaliations with the intent of making the cost of Acts of Terror like 9/11 very real to civilian witnesses of our retaliations who are governed by the Sponsors of said acts, and should NEVER be Long, Invasive, Chivalrously fought Occupations with the intent of redeeming epic fail governments, as highlights another legitimately bad thing about the War On Terror.

Secondary Stances

Please do not think my lack of stance on issues I have not covered like border security indicates lack of opinion on them. I believe we need to build much tougher border security without damaging freedom of movement for Americans. And on the Death Penalty issue I support replacing the Death Penalty option with mandatory life in prison.

One more thing before I close up – the Individual has the right to have whatever kind of flag she finds most appealing to her for whatever reason, as long as she is not forcing people to adopt her taste in flags.


Well, I think I have done a good job explaining my individual platform. If you have a WordPress, you to can post an individual political platform based on… YOUR beliefs. That is one of many reasons I am so devoutly individualist. Thank you all for learning about me today,



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