REFUTED: The Idea That The Entire GOP Is Evil


I want to commit a post to an issue stance I have been hearing all of current decade so far [2010’s decade] its a view typically held by Far-Left Illiberal Progressives and those they corrupt into following them. The view of this:

  • “The entire Republican Party is terrible and full of garbage and scum and villainy and therefore we need to ‘destroy’ the GOP! That will put an end to every problem with the United States of America!”

Listing the Obvious Flaws

Does anyone but this libertarian Independent atheist [referring to myself] realize that it is Unconstitutional to deny someone the right to live just over political dissent of theirs?

Do not get me wrong, I have little to nothing in common with the GOP’s official platform on social and cultural issues. In fact I prefer the Democrat Party’s liberal faction on Social Freedom and Science expansion, while preferring the Republican Party’s fiscal conservatives and ‘Neo’ conservatives on respectively Economic Freedom and National security.

However, this is not the topic of this post. This is about refuting the above bulleted and quoted opinion. So without further delay, another thing this opinion fails to address is the fact that there are a diversity of factions in the Republican Party and that most fellow Millennials who vote Republican are very liberal on culture.

But of course the absolute worst aspect of this “opinion”, is the heinous disregard for human life. The idea that the Republican Party is currently ruled by socially regressive cavemen and therefore one must kill the entire party. I can prove with YouTube videos and other evidences that people who believe this blindly have faith that “There are NO good Republicans! There are NO Republicans who DON’T want to legislate morality. There are NO Republicans who enjoy social freedom or real science, they’re all Theocratic Terror-makers, from the smallest newborn to the oldest nearly-dead hunched over with a cane, they just all despise women and minorities and want to see every science museum in America burn.”

Here – let me help you, the internet, decipher opinion polling of Republicans from sea to shining sea:

  • People Press article on issue stance differences among Republicans
  • 34% of Republican Partiers favor legalizing Gay Marriage just as I do
  • 28% of Republican Partiers take pro-choice stances on abortion, including the “but ban after the first three months” stance I take as someone who understands the zoology of life starting with fertilization among other abortion-related facts
  • 28% of Republicans favor embryonic stem cell research, 37% favor non-embryonic
  • 55% of Republicans believe as I do that it’s NOT needed to believe in God to be moral
  • 23% of Republicans reject Biblical literalism
  • 54% of Republicans embrace Evolutionary Biology

And a Gallup Poll from this very year reveals about 26% of Americans are Republicans, that is 83 million people out of 322 million.

Progressives, such as the Social Justice Warriors, apparently want to kill 83 million people over Party affiliation:

That would be…

Fourteen times as many people as died over their racial genomes of the Holocaust. Left-leaners who embrace the most common Republican stereotypes as facts are fueling advocacy for whomever wins the Democratic Primary to become fourteen times worse-behaved, and more evil, than Adolf Hitler.

By the way… foreign nations that are actually worthy of the whole “mutual respect between nations” gig promoted by myself and many of my fellow libertarian, like say… China and Japan… are not going to sit idly by while SJWs implement their idea of “Let’s Destroy the Republican Party” you know why? Because the Thomas Jefferson ideal of “Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship” motivates foreign merchants, scientists and tourists to be friendly and commercial to all Americans no matter our party affiliations while motivating us to be the same to them. So not only would you guys be demolishing much of our economy and our culture domestically – you would be demolishing the entire planet’s currently mixed bag view of American morality MAYBE leading to World War III and MAYBE the Sixth Mass Extinction event that I imagine I will be speculating with other Paleontologists about when I become one of them!

To “destroy the Republican Party” is a STUNNINGLY bad idea!


Next time you hear ANYONE espouse this view – there is a one sentence response I want you to throw at them as loudly as the environment you are in will consider polite:

That is a very heinous idea for a legion of reasons!

I don’t care who it is! And this is all I am saying on this heinous idea. Thank you,



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