Future Electoral Advice to Republicans


This is my follow-up to my article about how the GOP gave up on young libertarians – like me – after three years worth of chances. Instead I will advise on how the Republicans can win me over next election. And any presidential candidates reading this, feel entirely free to take this advise for future debates about the current presidential election if any debates are happening before late April.

1. Prioritize Economic Laissez-faire

Instead of complaining about the 2015 Gay marriage ruling, speak feverishly about the difference between Equality of Outcome vs Equality of Opportunity and how the latter can benefit all Americans of all gender orientations and of both genders! Also talk about the drawbacks of Equality of Outcome:

  • Equality of Opportunity gives everyone a level starting field
  • Equality of Opportunity allows everyone to operate on their own merits
  • Equality of Outcome forces everyone to have different starting fields
  • Equality of Outcome prohibits anyone from getting different outcomes due to different merits

But this bulleted list is only the beginning. You should all be highlighting the Democrats’ refusal to implement equal opportunity out of their obsession for equal outcome.

You should all also be talking, especially to my fellow young people and I, about how the Democrat Party presidential candidates can agree to vastly oppose all of the economic basics that us young people cherish:

  • Bernie Sanders wants to pass laws that punish merit-driven wage decisions, even though 57% of us Young People
  • Unlike Sanders and also unlike Clinton, 67% of us young people see profit and competition as drivers of prosperity and not of poverty
  • Contrary to Democrat agenda, every 20-person cluster young Americans is going to have 11 people who oppose raising corporate taxes and also oppose limiting corporate profits
  • Slightly above half [52%] of my fellow young people agree with me that unrestricted Free Trade is not a clueless foreign trade policy
  • 52% of America’s youth also favor Capitalism and oppose socialism [sorry, Sanders] and 64% want a free market instead of a regulated market
  • 58% of us young folks can agree that hard work almost always pays off for the individual
  • The top four things we young people peg for success in life are:
    • Hard Work
    • Ambition
    • Self-discipline
    • Natural Smarts and/or Talents
  • The top four things we young people peg for poverty are:
    • Malum in se [evil by nature] life choices
    • Lack of Job opportunities
    • Lack of work ethic
    • Drug or alcohol overdoses
  • Barely over half [51%] of us want to privatize social security

2. Endorse Lifestyle Liberties that most Democrats refuse to endorse

You know how… many Democrats, especially in California, pass these things called nanny laws to restrict the lifestyle liberties of Americans?

How about you go after the Democrats’ staunch refusal to respect the rights of American youth to make individual choices that do not directly harm real people in real life? Let me fuel this possibility for you:

  • 81% of us young Americans want Food Truck owners to be legally allowed to operate
  • 72% of us young Americans want to be legally allowed to buy large sugary and/or caffeinated drinks
  • 69% of us want to be legally allowed to drink alcohol, and I will revisit this in more advice in this phase
  • 66% of us vastly oppose bans of plastic grocery bags
  • 66% of us do not want government regulating individual fashion senses
  • 64% of us want a legal right to use traditional-fueled light bulbs
  • 62% of us want to have a legal right to eat red meat and other trans fatted foods
  • 60% of us vastly oppose government laws about eCigarettes
  • 58% of us want online gambling legalized
  • Just as with our elders, 66% of us young people oppose government regulation of video games, something Hillary obsesses on having an opportunity to go brutally tyrant-like with imposing
  • While 57% of us young people want marijuana legalized, 60% of us in combination say that use or possession of any other currently illegal drug should simply lead to either a fine or to mandatory rehab. Sound like reason to end the War On Drugs? Sounds like a reason to end it to me!
  • 52% of us want the drinking age repealed or at the very least lowered to 18.

The two Hot button social issues

  • 54% of Republican voting young people like me want gay marriage legalized, the libertarian perspective being that the idea government can make any laws at all about marriage is entirely nonsense [i.e. churches should be legally permitted to refuse to perform gay marriages]
  • 55% of Republican voting young people believe abortion should be illegal in Most cases, with the logical moral exceptions being cases of rape, incest, or danger to the woman’s health. Unlike Gay Marriage, though, abortion is NOT the deal-breaker issue.

3. Preach and Practice a legitimately Defensive Foreign Policy

Just as with my fellow anti-pacifism libertarians, my fellow young Americans also favor a strong volunteer military that can only be sent overseas by Congress, and even then only in direct defense of America and/or its actual friends. Saudi Arabia is the farthest nation in the entire Middle East from an actual friend, for example.

Looking at ISideWith.com data using “High School Diploma” as a synonym for “Young voter” even though to use these labels synonymously makes little sense, young libertarian foreign policy as held by libertarians born between the early 1980’s and late 1990’s is this:

  • 67% of us do NOT want the government to slash military spending
  • 76% of young Americans like me only want US Constitution rights given to Americans suspected of Terror, NEVER given to foreigners suspected of Terror
  • 51% of young Americans want to handle Syrian refugees with extensive background checks and continued monitoring to make sure they are NOT among the Jihad
  • 52% of us young Americans know enough about the threat of ISIS to want Congress to declare war on ISIS
  • 74% of us young Americans want military service to always be entirely voluntary
  • 68% of us favor supporting such OECD friends of ours as Israel and Japan and Ireland and Sweden, with ultimate respect for their national independences
  • 80% of us young people view global regime forums like United Nations, NATO and OECD favorably
  • 53% of us would rather fight Terror militias like ISIS and State Sponsors of Terror like Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Syria with Drones than with Ground Troops
  • 68% of young people like me support the use of Drones to fight the War On Terror
  • 52% of young Americans want our policy toward Iran to be one of relying on diplomacy as Plan A for ending their nukes and military force as Plan B
  • 74% of my fellow young people agree with me in dramatically lowering foreign aid
  • 73% believe that Obama’s decision to make US friendship with Cuba is not a danger but rather a fuel for unlimited free trade, remember what percent of young Americans favor free trade? It was 52%.
  • 73% of young Americans want the same approach to Iran’s nuclear villainy applied to North Korean nuclear villainy
  • 64% of young Americans worry that toppling Assad would allow ISIS to control the half of Syria they presently do not control
  • 84% of young Americans recognize how very serious Russia and China are about destroying ISIS and therefore want the US military to unite with them against ISIS instead of turning the conflict into a three-sided one
  • 51% of us young Americans want the NSA to only spy on foreigners, and even then only those involved in running entire countries.
  • Looking at the poll about military intervention, it is statistically clear 79% of young Americans only want interventions motivated by the goal of ending a Holocaust and the goal of ending an imminent threat to America or to any of its legit friends.

Not to mention, you must speak of the fact that Long, Open-ended, Invasive Occupations with the intent of regime change was the failed interventionism in Iraq and Afghanistan and that the right kind to go with is Short, Mission-specific, Punitive Retaliations with the intent of ending a State Sponsor of Terror including any Terror militias it sponsors.


I do hope all six of the currently still-going GOP presidential hopefuls are all reading this. Because at this point, the first one to head all of the above advice will be who I first endorse an then vote for. Thank you for learning,



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