My Take on Labels


Hmm… I am aware there are those who hate the very idea of labels. My two favorite comedic cartoonists of all time Trey Parker and Matt Stone [known for South Park] are two of this kind of person.

“Nerd” label to me

I have a heck of a lot of very nerdy interests and hobbies that I am very proud to have. People who know me rejecting the notion that I am a nerd is Incorrect labeling. Labeling without basis on evidence is what offends me in the world of label-giving. But I am very proud to call myself a geek and a nerd for these reasons:

  1. I like to make costumes of things no official costume of exists
  2. I like to make and modify Lego people
  3. I like to study Middle-earth, Elder Scrolls and Warhammer Fantasy [not 40k]
  4. I like to study political and religious topics, especially the foreign policy & military policy topics in politics.
  5. I like to write and draw about the nerdiest things ever

“Gamer” label to me

There are many video games I am good at, plus I am a Games Workshop hobbyist as I have been for an entire nine years now. I started being one in Sixth Grade. So, sure, you can call me a gamer.

“Carnivore” label to me

Beef and Bacon and Sausage and Pepperoni are amazing food to me! Even though I am a slender bulky guy with brown hair and gray eyes [rather generic, eh?] I still manage to love basically any food with loads of red meat. But I do have a liking of such white meats as chicken, turkey, haddock, even clam corpses are tasty to me. But only if cooked.

“Tolkien-ite” label to me

My fandom of the Middle-earth saga I think exceeds that of a typical Tolkien-ite. However, I don’t think this label describes me in a legit way, but only because it is an awkward label to utter plus not many people are aware of the label. So please don’t label me a Tolkien-ite, but know I am the biggest Middle-earth Saga fanboy in the entire American Northeast. But in reasons explained in a different post, I will soon become the biggest Middle-earth Saga fanboy in all of the American Mountain States. I am especially good at making logical inputs about the Easterlings, Haradrim, and other Middle-earth Saga villains and developing characters and stories that are compatible with Middle-earth Lore that happen to be the darkest, grittiest, and most adult themes fathomable. Yeah, you would be surprised how much effort I put into fictional villains.

“Atheist” label to me

I am more of a Nonreligious person than either of an atheist or a deist. However, the fact that I believe all gods and goddesses to be fictional characters I guess you can say makes me an atheist. However, do not let anything else be associated with atheism except for the belief that all deities are fictional.

“Libertarian” label to me

As you may know from the majority of this WordPress, I support:

  1. A permissive society that makes the US Constitution and the Non-Aggression Principle the only things it draws social norms from.
  2. A small government that is limited to punishing violent crimes, punishing property crimes, defending national interests militarily, and speeding up scientific progress
  3. A laissez faire economy that is completely free from both corporate monopolies and government monopolies.
  4. An “empire of liberty” foreign policy that focuses on building friendships and spreading individualism through unregulated free trade and by not limiting Americans’ right to travel
  5. A “big stick diplomacy” military policy that maintains a very strong volunteer military with practical high spending and a readiness to defend the safeties of unregulated free trade and of unlimited right to travel against acts of Terror by megalomaniacal tyrannies like Saudi Arabia and North Korea.

So, the kind I am is a neolibertarian – but if you don’t feel like using a label with so many syllables – then either call me a libertarian or don’t call me any political label at all.

“Metalhead” label to me

My taste in music makes me a metalhead. I sometimes call myself a “very young, late night cycling, caffeinated metalhead”, and of course this factors in other stuff but lets focus on my taste in music for now. There do exist metal bands I cannot stand. But, ultimately I am okay with being called a metalhead.

“Millennial” label to me

I turn 22 this year because I was born in May 6 of 1994, so yes, whether I call myself a millennial is a no brainer. Must I go on?

“Cyclist” label to me

Yes, I love to use my bicycle to get to and from place and setting. Of course people can call me a cyclist!


Regrettably, I cannot think up a label for someone who adores Mountain Dew as much as I do. Nor can I think up a legit label for someone with my style of beer intake other than “wise drinker” or “smart drinker”. So please don’t make beverage-related labels for me. Thank you all for learning,



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