Libertarian ideology Non-intervention vs Libertarian Party Non-intervention


Yes, everyone, there is a difference. Non-intervention is far less reserved for pacifism than the US Libertarian Party would have you believe. The common ground they actually have with legit Non-interventionists is:

  1. Opposition to military alliances
  2. Support for retaining diplomacy

Yes, this is legitimately it. I am going to carefully explain the difference between libertarian Independent and libertarian Republican non-intervention vs Libertarian Partisan non-intervention

libertarian ideology Non-intervention

To the libertarian ideology outside of the LP, legitimate Non-intervention entails these principles:

  1. Military Unilateralism [no alliances]
  2. Diplomacy Maintenance
  3. Reservation of war for just direct self-defense
    1. This includes maintenance of a strong volunteer defense force with reasonably high spending
    2. And also includes defense of all of a nation’s citizens, including those who are, in example, studying abroad.
    3. However this does not include keeping troops overseas for long term occupations.
  4. Permission for NGOs like Human Rights NGOs to intervene abroad in a civilian way
  5. Permission for civilians to travel wherever they wish
  6. Permission for civilians to do business with whatever foreign merchants they want
  7. Permission for civilian scientists to work together with foreign scientists on archeology, paleontology, and other scientific projects

Libertarian Party Non-intervention

To the Libertarian Party, Non-intervention basically means an almost puritanical espousing of pacifism. Let us explore the LP idea of Non-intervention:

  1. Military Unilateralism [no alliances]
  2. Diplomacy Maintenance
  3. Refusal to use troops for combat except within borders
    1. This includes passion for appeasement, retreat, defeat and surrender when interacting with enemies in their lands
    2. The only exception is within US borders
  4. Permission for NGOs to intervene abroad as civilians
  5. Permission for civilians to travel wherever
  6. Permission for civilians to do trade with whoever
  7. Permission for scientific progress to be done by civilian scientists abroad


Okay, so it is perhaps not fair to say libertarian ideology Non-intervention and Libertarian Party Non-intervention have only two things in common.

Instead they seem to only differ on military defense policy, which differs from foreign policy by talking mainly and only about how a nation is to defend itself, including its interests [i.e. unregulated free trade and honest friendships abroad would be an interest in foreign regions] and/or its people when directly attacked by another or by some non-nation guerrilla group [like ISIS for example].

Traditional libertarian ideology, from what I can gather, states one must reply to a foreign attack by ruthlessly destroying the perpetrator[s] of the attack. While Libertarian Party would rather try numerous brands of appeasement, hence their phrase “peace and diplomacy”. What they are really advocating is “Pacifism and Appeasement”.

Further Pondering

Knowing the American Founding Fathers were libertarians, and knowing they were of traditional Non-interventionism in foreign policy, and knowing that they fought an extreme hardcore revolution to ruthlessly annihilate Britain’s grip on America, I guess I would have to say that our founding fathers believed in a Non-interventionism that happened to also be devoutly distant both from Pacifist and from Multilateral. But it was not any kind of militarist mindset either. Along the pacifist-militarist spectrum, our Founding Fathers seem to have all been in different parts of the middle.


I think this is all I have to say about Non-intervention in particular for now. Thank you all for reading this,



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