Endorsement of Austin Petersen for President


Who on Earth is Austin Petersen? He is one of the Libertarian Party candidates for president in 2016. Is he another hippie-minded pacifist for American frailty, defeat, retreat, surrender, apology and appeasement? Absolutely not! And I am extremely happy for him that he is not one of those! Let me elaborate

How I found him

I curiously looked up “United States presidential election, 2016” on Wikipedia and skipped down to Libertarian Party Candidates. I looked at Gary Johnson. Not much to say about him that has not already been said. Then I looked at John McAfee. Was not sure what his platform was, until I looked on his website but I did not find much about effectively addressing the issues, he says very little on the issues. Then I examined Austin Petersen. I looked at his history, he apparently was close to Bob Barr and Wayne Root in 2008 back when they were actually good and not corrupted by Far-right Republican rhetoric. Then I see his official website with his platform on it.

Petersen is the first Politician to Want to consult with the US Military about Defense spending

Whereas Gary Johnson wants to slash military spending 40% and does not care what anyone actually in the military has to make of it, Petersen wants to actually discuss military spending with the military and speak with them about what they need and what the Constitution needs of them. In addition:

  • Austin Petersen wants to rebuild our might by ending foreign aid to enemies of America. The enemies I can name being…
    • Iran
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Syria
    • Sudan
    • Pakistan
    • Iraq
    • Afghanistan
    • Palestinian Authority
    • Turkey [as of the day they planned to attack Israel]
    • North Korea
    • Cuba
  • Austin Petersen wants to end deployment in every area that is not relevant to US national security. The only relevant areas to US security I can name are:
    • Israel
    • Japan
    • South Korea
  • Austin Petersen, like me, also is a vast opponent of Nation Building and of Regime Change. Like me he also only wants our military waging war of Congress are the feds to declare it, as required by the Constitution.
  • Austin Petersen knows to not adopt the LP’s dismissive attitude to the threat of ISIS and also not to adopt the Demopublican tendency to wage war on the Constitution instead of waging it on ISIS.
  • Austin Petersen even seems to have a grasp on motivating the military to partake in utilizing the highest quality equipment for the lowest prices.

Petersen is also an ally of Free Trade

Whereas Donald Trump wants to hinder free trade with a border wall, and Bernie Sanders wants to completely ban free trade with protectionist and collectivist poisons, Austin Petersen wants to remove all treaties and barriers and instill truly legit free trade. He couples this with a recognition of who is and is not a real friend. This Petersen guy seems to me entirely like a fellow Jeffersonian libertarian. He even wants to place bounty death-marks on the members of ISIS, as the Constitution permits Congress to put bounties on foreign enemies [“Letters of Marque and Reprisal”]! What a fiscally conservative alternative to waging war, I say in high praise for this idea.


Did I mention this guy is also a fellow Millennial? Where are you on the presence of Millennial Candidates, Republican and Democrat parties!? Anyhow, thank you all for reading this, and remember to vote Austin Petersen in the general election, even if we have to write him in!



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