Right of National Defense


Right of National Defense

Screen Cap I did of Wikipedia. Taken of the “Just war theory” page under section 5, “Alternative theories”.

No, I am not an Objectivist

But I do agree share Objectivism’s adherence to the above defense policy philosophy. Ayn Rand Institute is where I go to for straight records on Defense Policy, because the people there are very accurate with defending Defense.

Reasonable Self-Interests

  1. Mutual Respect between you and your fellow nations
  2. Unregulated Free Trade with your overseas neighbors
  3. Right to Travel and Freedom of Movement for all of your citizens
  4. Permission for NGOs in your country to intervene abroad as civilians with nothing to do with your government
  5. Honest Friendship with nations who do not sponsor terror

This is my military policy view summarized

I do share social, economic, cultural, immigration, science, other domestic and even foreign relations policy views with all of my fellow Libertarian Partiers, but military defense policy is where I diverge from the LP establishment and follow along with the Ayn Rand Institute’s views on the War On Terror instead.


Shortest post I ever did about this topic? Well, one more thing: I must clarify that I only support ending one repressive nation at a time, and even then only in defense of America or a true friend of America’s. Thank you all for reading,



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