Responding to Reason Magazine’s Millennial Poll as a millennial

1. Introduction

Yes, I am a millennial. I will be 22 in May the 6th of this current year. One day before Austin Petersen, our should-be next president, wins the West Virginia LP state convention. So yes, I can fairly respond to this. Poll I am replying to as PDF here.

2. Executive Summary of this millennial

I am a millennial who favors a permissive society with unregulated free expression and free thought, a small government that’s also a secular democracy, a free market economy with no monopolies, a foreign policy of non-interventionism, and a military policy based on Ayn Rand Institute’s Objectivist theories of Right of Self Defense.

3. Who is this particular millennial?

This essay is about me, a millennial who is 21 at the time this essay was first published.

I should mention that I am an individualist who likes to pay attention to politics while also paying attention to many other passions of mine like Middle-earth, cosplay, drawing, writing, Warhammer Fantasy [NOT 40k], Elder Scrolls [games Oblivion and later], and creating my own pseudo-medieval fantasy realities to market as graphic novel eBooks and graphic novel iBooks.

  • The least important thing about me, my racial DNA, is 94% Irish and 6% Native tribe of Ohio. Specifically the Chippewa tribe.
  • Like other Irish families, my family most likely came to the US during the Irish potato famine.
  • I was born in a town in Connecticut.
  • I graduated High School in June of 2013 and received my diploma two years later and in between I went to a program that I did not need.
  • I am employed, as my “About Me” right here on WordPress says, to be a casual-hours grocery bagger but I aspire to become a Paleontologist in my thirties.
  • I am not a homeowner yet, and for now I just live in a condo unit with someone close to me. Soon though I plan to own a house near Dinosaur National Monument in eastern Vernal, Utah
  • Regrettably I am still single, but I am as heterosexual as can be – I have a crush on slender-curvy brunettes with light eyes but I predict I will marry a redhead with light eyes.
  • Second-Most important non-political thing about me to only my passionate interests: Religion is not at all important to me, I am stridently Irreligious and stridently Atheist, the latter meaning one thing only: That I believe all gods and goddesses are inherently fictional characters.

4. How does this Millennial describe his political views?

Partisan ID

I am an Independent at heart, but I “lean Libertarian”, meaning I have far more in common with the Libertarian Party, 82% match, than with either major party.

This Millennial’s political ideology

I would class myself as Liberal. I call myself a liberal because real liberals are not only not afraid to espouse opposing views to one-another on fine detail issues like military spending, military defense policy, abortion, gun rights, and gay marriage; but are also fully devoted to unifying on behalf of supporting a no-limits implementation of freedom of speech, freedom of media, freedom of religion, free market economics, civil rights, democracy, secularism, and Non-interventionist foreign relations policy; which by the way has nothing to do with Isolationism and even less to do with Pacifism.

Self-placement on Culture and Economy

I am strongly liberal on social issues, and strongly conservative on fiscal issues.

5. Who is this Millennial Planning to Vote for?

Austin Petersen. Even if I have to write him in!

Would this millennial vote for a libertarian-leaning candidate?

Not only would I vote for this candidate, I would endlessly promote and galvanize him or her here on WordPress for a grand many months, doing everything in my intellectual power to motivate his or her rise to ultra popularity among my fellow millennials.

6. How much confidence does this millennial have in the president, congress and major parties?

None, none and none.

Approval of President Obama

Strongly disapprove, just as with all of Congress

Trust in Political Parties

Both major parties deserve to be ignored in my mind, the Libertarian Party is a mostly good choice making them legit, unlike the two mostly-bad choices of Democrat and Republican.

Who do I trust to handle these issues?

Let me change the question to something I will answer: Do I trust the Libertarian Party to correctly address [issue here]?

  • Privacy = Yes
  • Government Spending = Yes
  • Budget Deficit = Yes
  • Drug Policy = Yes
  • Education = Yes
  • Promoting Business = Yes
  • Immigration = No
  • Taxes = Yes
  • Poverty = Yes
  • Foreign Policy = No
  • Environment = Yes
  • Health Care = Yes
  • Jobs = Yes
  • Gay Marriage = Yes

7. What is this Millennial’s view on the role of government?

This millennial opposes government guarantees that have nothing to do with repelling malum in se crimes

  • I want individuals to aspire to be able to get themselves enough to eat and a place to sleep
  • I want individuals to be able to choose for their own money whether they want health insurance
  • I want individuals to aspire to jobs that are truly worth more than minimum wage, and to know minimum wage is just a learning tool for teens to be introduced to budgeting and to finances
  • I want individuals to voluntarily save up for college education
  • I frankly do not care whether individuals earn their income from jobs, fictional realities of their own, or from businesses based on individual talents of theirs; as long as their profits are not made from violent crimes or from property crimes and as long as they are earning their income by satisfying their consumers.

Income Gap

Which income gap? That 23 cent one that features men earning more than women from educating people more? Because there are 89 other wage gaps that are a result of men being more naturally talented at an industry, and 80 wage gaps that are results of women being naturally better at these 80 other jobs than any man could hope to be. So no, government should not interfere over any of these 170+ different wage gaps.

Government regulation of business

Government regulation usually does more harm than good, no matter how good the intentions of them.

I want concrete plans to fix our economy

  • I favor cutting spending 50% or more
  • I favor cutting taxes 50% or more
  • I favor cutting regulation count 50% or more

8. Does this Millennial have confidence in government?

Any government that is not a secular democracy with individualist principles is automatically wasteful and inefficient.

9. Does this millennial want Big Government?


But keep in mind I believe concrete policies to shrink government are far superior to abstract complaints about government overreach.

10. What is this millennial’s view of business?

I can recognize from human history that business is factually and morally a good thing for jobs and prosperity, as are profit and competition. In fact, I have my comic eBook plans for now and for until I pass away, and when I turn 30 I will have my Paleontology, which I don’t think is a business, to also do for life.

I believe that business profits are just right and that business taxes are too high, and that the solution to this tax problem is to replace our entire tax code, including IRS, with a flat tax system wherein everyone making more than $50,000 per year pays 20% and everyone making less than that gets paid 20%.

11. What kind of Economic System does this millennial want?

I pick Capitalism over Socialism for innumerable historic and moral reasons, including:

  • Capitalism has proven itself heroic and moral
  • Socialism has proven itself villainous and criminal

I pick Free Markets over Government Regulation for lots of reasons as well, the primary one being:


I know factually what Socialism is:

I can prove with history and with scientifically determined economic ranking indexes that Free Markets provide more than just opportunities:

Social Individualism, Democracy, Secularism and Free Markets mandate peace, prosperity and scientific progression. Social Collectivism, Religious Nationalism and Government-planned Markets mandate war, genocide, famine, poverty and scientific regression. Its not some opinion I happen to have in common with this guy I’m linking to, it is a Historic and Statistical Fact.

12. How does this millennial view US economics?

Based on observation, I will say these things about the US economy:

  • Our economic system currently favors government and/or corporate monopolies
  • Our economic system currently makes our economy mostly free but also mostly hard to cope with
  • Our economic system currently makes it easier to have no job than to have a job
  • Our current economic system is stifled into making it easier to thrive on welfare than on a fully original fictional reality by something like 80,000 restrictions that violate the law by having nothing to do with either the Constitution or the Non-Aggression Principle

However, there are positive observations I can make about human economics in general, like:

  • Hard work and smart work are the top ways to create individual prosperity
  • Ambition is another excellent way to financially thrive
  • Reasonable Self-discipline paired with Reasonable Self-interest is also healthy
  • Natural Intelligence and/or Talent is perhaps the best thing to start a business on
  • Malum In Se crimes that violate the Non-Aggression Principle are the number one bringer of poverty onto one’s self as an individual
  • Lacking a work ethic is also a poverty-bringing behavior pattern

13. Is Experience with Discrimination tied to my political views?

I have only been “discriminated against”, well actually bullied very badly all throughout Middle School, over my religious affiliation [Unaffiliated atheist] and/or the presence of my NON-disability character trait [Asperger’s syndrome]. Matter a fact I have been bullied so badly, and authority has sided against me in such a close-to-all majority of cases, that I am basically right at home being a tiny-government libertarian and REAL liberal who happens to support waging total war for unconditional surrender against any nation on Earth who is bullying or has bullied the US and/or any nation the US population cares deeply about. I also have been motivated by Hell Middle School, as I call my former Middle School, to believe in sentencing those proven guilty of ACTUAL SEXUAL VIOLATIONS to life in prison on very first offense. The motivation being all of the FALSE harassment accusations I got and how all of them included a mindset of “guilty until proven innocent”. The bullying I experienced in Middle School over my Nonreligious atheism and my smarts-empowering Asperger’s has shaped me into someone who will not take lightly at all to limits to freedom.

14. What kind of wage laws does this millennial say are the correct wage laws?

I want wage standards that are merit-driven and based on paying according to achievement, if any wage laws at all.

15. Where does this millennial stand on the issues?

I also support leaving health care to both private businesses and private charities. I even support privatizing social security.

I support leaving public education to the state and local governments and also freedom of education should be implemented, freedom of education should be ruled as protected by the First Amendment.

Lifestyle Liberty

Like I say repeatedly, I am a colossal advocate of lifestyle liberty:

  • Selling food and drink from food trucks should be fully allowed
  • Large Sugary Drinks should be fully allowed
  • Large Caffeinated Drinks should be fully allowed
  • Drinking Alcohol should be fully allowed, right at age 18 rather than 21
  • Plastic Bags should be fully allowed in all stores
  • Publicly Wearing Google Glass, whatever that is, should be fully allowed
  • Publicly Wearing tight clothes and revealing clothes should be fully allowed
  • Traditional Light Bulbs should always be fully allowed
  • Red Meats and other Trans-fatty food should be fully allowed
  • All modern freedoms of a permissive society should be mostly allowed, I say ‘mostly’ because of the absolute necessity of consent and of keeping it in a private room between consenting adults
  • eCigarettes should be fully allowed in public settings.
  • Online gambling should be fully allowed
  • Video Games with any sort of violence in them should be fully allowed, whether the violence in them is E-rate cartoony, M-rate realistic, or anywhere in that T-rate middle ground.
  • All currently illegal recreational drugs should be fully allowed one at a time starting with the softest, as our third step to fixing drug policy. The first two being:
    1. End the entire Drug War
    2. Mandate drug rehab in its place
  • Paypal, Bitcoin, and other online banking mannerisms should be fully allowed.

Gay Marriage

Even though I am well aware of the evolutionary biology behind traditional marriages being better for families, I believe that the best way to deal with the Gay marriage debate is to privatize marriage so that government cannot play favorites with gay people or with fellow straight people. This is my Yes answer to the gay marriage question.


Even though I am well aware of the evolutionary biology behind animal life, including human life, starting at fertilization; I believe that allowing birth control, contraceptives, and comprehensive sex ed is the moral and freedom-focused way to reduce or eliminate abortion. This is my Pro-life answer to the abortion question.

16. Do my values impact my support for Individual Independence?

Actually, my values are birthed by my support for individual independence! I have a colossal desire for recognition of my individual independence as well. Government should NEVER pass laws to protect people from themselves, only to protect people from violent crimes in real life and from property crimes in real life.

17. Conclusion

I believe maybe I might have topped my personal platform update in terms of how much of my nature I explain to the internet. But that thing was probably twice as many words as this reply-post. Still, life for me is so far generally easy. I know I am poor based on how little I make but I still manage to be happy and live a life that is a happy life for me for now. Thank you all for reading this,



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