My Public Policy Agenda?


I have to come clean… I have no gigantically elaborate agenda, come to think of it.

When I updated my individual platform, you may have noticed I may have avoided divisive social issues. I tend to reserve action on social issues for just the ones that relate to the truthful definition of Liberalism as granted in the 1750’s, specifically the only domestic policy issues I address with real effort are:


Freedom of Speech Issues

When I write a political essay about free speech here on my website, I write about how limits to free speech are illegal because of the First Amendment. At least that’s how things are here in the US. I can and will happily write a compelling narrative here about any Free Speech issue that comes to my attention. Also Free Speech issues are things I will make metaphorical commentary on in my dark fantasy comic ebooks. I believe in unregulated free speech as that is the fuel of science flourishing as needed.

Freedom of Media Issues

These issues are of colossal impact to me as I plan to author and illustrate not just dark fantasy comic book style ebooks but possibly also dinosaur fact book style ebooks. When I see or hear censorship on TV or Radio, I go ballistic in the back of my head if others are around me, or if I am indoors alone then I go ballistic very loudly. Why? Because censorship is illegal as of the First Amendment in this nation, and globally because unregulated freedom of media is another necessity for expanding science. Once again, metaphorical commentary on Freedom of Media issues will appear in my fictional universe.

Freedom of Religion Issues

Okay… I am personally resentful and rejecting of and spiteful to all organized religions, and I’m an atheist who gets my morals from Empathy, but I still manage to stand higher than the Earth’s ozone layer for freedom of religion. That is why I plan to not only make literal commentary here but also metaphorical commentary in my fictions. Are you starting to see a pattern here? If so then from here on I can just say my words on an issue without mentioning the notion of commentary of any kind being done. I suspect you perceive I will make commentary of both kinds on all of these things.

Free Market Issues

You know how… a true Free market has no government monopolies and also no corporate monopolies? Well, its the kind of economic system I support. One may also call Free markets laissez-faire, but this French term [laissez for ‘let them’ and faire for ‘do whatever’] refers to an economic atmosphere wherein there are no government interferences as in no regulations, no subsidies, no tariffs and no privileges. Free market refers to an economic atmosphere wherein prices for items and services are set freely by agreement between buyers and sellers with the laws of supply and demand being free not just from government but also free from such non-government authorities like corporate monopolies, religious scriptures, or other authority sources. Free market wage standard, therefore, would be one wherein the wage for a day’s shift is set freely by agreement between employer and employee with the laws of supply and demand being free from government, from corporations and from religion. Laws of Supply and Demand are:

  1. Demand Up + Supply Same = Higher Price and Higher Stock
  2. Demand Down + Supply Same = Lower Price and Lower Stock
  3. Supply Up + Demand Same = Lower Price and Higher Stock
  4. Supply Down + Demand Same = Higher Price and Lower Stock

Factors of Supply are:

  1. Production Costs
  2. Seller predictions about future prices
  3. Number of suppliers

Factors of Demand are:

  1. Individual Income
  2. Individual Preferences
  3. Prices of related items & services
  4. Buyers’ predictions about future prices
  5. Number of potential buyers

Free Trade Issues

What is free trade you may ask? Free trade is the ability of citizens to do business with as many nations as they wish to without being subject to any kind of regulation or any kind of danger. This one in particular kinda creeps into foreign policy though, but mostly it is an economic policy thing to address and for me to create commentary on.

Civil Rights Issues

In my nation, the US, it is illegal to set any double standards that selectively favor or target minorities, that selectively favor or target women, and/or that selectively favor or target LGBT people. Says the 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, and 26th Amendments. Civil Rights globally make sure no individual is discriminated against on basis of anything other than what Martin Luther King would call “the Content of Their Character”. Like for example…

The Defense of Marriage Act that unfairly targets LGBT people and the recent Gay Marriage ruling that unfairly favors LGBT people. Both of these are illegal according to the Amendments I linked to the Wikipedia summary of above. Legal ruling would be for the Supreme Court to just not make any laws regarding LGBT or Non-LGBT romances between two or a few consenting adults. Oh, and you know what Far-Left misandry and Far-Right misogyny have in common? Legislating either one is illegal in a nation with Safeguards of Civil Rights, that’s what they have in common.

Democracy Issues

Now, what do I mean Democracy on this WordPress account of mine? I refer to a democracy wherein individualist and voluntarist principles are the norm, which basically means here “Democracy” always refers in particular to liberal democracy, within the OLD meaning of the label of liberal. Examples of Democracy issues to me include:

  1. Campaign Spending
  2. Political Activist freedom
  3. Ease of Voting Registry for Citizens
  4. Ballot Access for fellow Libertarian Partiers
  5. Ballot Access for Third Parties in general
  6. “Does everyone have at least some say in every decision government makes?”

Secularism Issues

Like I clarified in the Freedom of Religion section, I am only callous and resistant to all organized religions on a personal level. But Freedom of religion does NOT include the power to force religion onto fellow Atheists & Nonreligious. Instead we have a principle of secularism, the idea that government should always be religiously neutral and have no official religious affiliation, not even being officially Unaffiliated. To this end, I believe that all in-school prayer should be entirely voluntary.

Foreign Policy

As you can probably tell by my internet name, Foreign Policy and Defense Policy are my political strong point, as epitomized by my internet name’s middle name piece.

I believe very strongly in American Exceptionalism, but I equally strongly believe in having the utmost respect for honest friends like Britain, Israel, Albania, Ireland, Algeria, Morocco, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Nigeria and so forth. I believe that Foreign Relations should focus on Honest Friendships and Free Trade along with Freedom of Movement for all Americans. I support a principled recognition, based on both historic facts and statistical facts about American and foreign public opinion, of which foreign nations are Honestly our Friends and which ones are NOT.

Militarily I support a very strong volunteer defense with reasonably high spending, but I believe our military should only intervene abroad to defend America’s population and/or the nations that are ACTUALLY America’s friends.

Defensive War

I can support and defend a war being waged against an enemy that is assaulting America or an Honest Friend in the moment, or against an enemy that has already recently assaulted America or an Honest Friend.

Preemptive War

I support and defend wars being waged by the US or an Honest Friend against an enemy that is making short-term plans to dominate or destroy the US or an Honest Friend.

Preventive War

Forgive me for changing a view, but… I can get behind a war being waged by the US or an Honest Friend against an enemy that is making long-term plans to dominate or destroy the US or an Honest Friend.

Regime Change War

I absolutely do not support wars for regime change. No more nation-building, I say. Democracy Promotion, Science Promotion and Individualism Promotion must always be done entirely through diplomatic discussions and debates.

War of Aggression

Never in my life will I ever back a War being waged out of desire to annex land or out of desire to remove a demographic from a land. I vastly oppose this kind of war, including if it is being waged to acquire resources.

Grand Strategy

Unfortunately, the grand strategy that actually works at getting an enemy to stop hurting oneself or one’s friends is the grand strategy of total war against the assailant for unconditional surrender by the assailant. I wish this notion was not true, but I am not going to let this feeling drive me to ignore all evidence that proves this notion. Furthermore, I think we ONLY need to address ONE enemy at a time, and not tackle various foes all at once.


Well, I think that explains where I stand on the issues that are actually the most important to me, that I will legit train myself to explain very carefully. Thank you all,



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