Progressive VS Liberal essay 1: How Big Should Government Be?


So I think we all know Prager University’s YouTube is the internet equal of curing one’s cancer. Except for those of us who have never seen a “PragerU” video on YouTube. Well, I am going to carefully explain this in “Liberal vs Progressive” context, as similar channel Sargon of Akkad explains in his best video ever, “Illiberal Progressives”. I have been inspired to do this “Progressive VS Liberal” series by PragerU’s “Left VS Right” series.

How Big do Progressives Want Government to be?

Progressives, who are NOT liberals, want government to be expansively large, a user of tax revenue to be the one and only provider of:

  1. health care for all
  2. groceries for all
  3. education for all
  4. public transit for all
  5. sleeping zones for all
  6. housing for all

Progressives want a government so large it can’t be challenged even with constructive criticism or supportive criticism.

How Big do Liberals Want Government to be?

Liberals, UNLIKE any progressive, and including me, are people who want government mandates to be limited to glaringly obvious necessities, such necessities that even the freest and most officially-secularist democracies cannot survive without. These include:

  1. a strong volunteer military
  2. a national police department
  3. a prison and/or rehab policy
  4. a separation of religion from politics
  5. a commitment to letting every citizen weigh in on a decision before making it
  6. a commitment to permitting science to grow and flourish

Big Government is a Progressive thing. Small Government is a Liberal thing.

Nowadays, us true liberals have to call ourselves libertarians to describe our views to every day people hence my internet name being “libertarian defense atheist” instead of “liberal defense atheist”. Progressives stole liberalism from us who are now called “libertarians”.

The difference between Liberal-approved gov’t and Progressive-approved gov’t

  • Liberal governance creates peace and prosperity
  • Progressive governance creates genocide, poverty, unemployment, famine, high risk of disease, and high risk of dying in one’s late 20’s.
  • It is not an opinion or an insult, it is…. A HISTORIC AND SCIENTIFIC FACT.

Liberals fear Big Government. Progressives fear Big Business.

Business of every size basically means jobs and employment of every kind.

Government on the other hand is not something that can be grown beyond limits approved by the True liberals who now have to call ourselves libertarians. This is not politics, it is historical science.

  • The bigger the business, the more job opportunities exist and the more chances of prosperity there are
  • The bigger the government, the more likely it is to commit violent crimes and legally get away with it.


I think that wraps up what I can say without plagiarizing good ole PragerU. Thank you all for reading this,



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