Why I have a crush on pale brunettes and tan brunettes alike


Yep, another break I am taking from taking from speaking of libertarianism, tough defense policy, and atheism. This time I thought I would globally publicize something I imagine many will ask me: “Why do you have such a colossal crush on brunettes?”


Even though I like the slim and curvy figure, I still strongly value healthy personality above all else. I’d prefer marrying a woman who is:

  • intelligent
  • wise
  • a fellow nerd
  • a fellow atheist
  • a fellow neolibertarian
  • playful
  • tough when needs to be

And that is the only common ground I find desirable, because according to modern science opposites attract.

Also, I always dismiss all forms of bigotry; racism, sexism, all of them; as disgustingly repugnant. I simply find that dark skin is not for me. Just tan tone and pale tone attract me to the opportunity to get to know the brunette I am wanting to know about.

The hair color indicates Mental traits I like

Or at least… that is what Western Civilization culture tells me.

Color Meanings site explains brown hair and black hair separately

Life Script talks black hair and brown hair separately, be wary for ads though.

Even Wikipedia has a grasp on what is so mentally great about brunettes:

But one must know both hair colors count as brunette hair color. “brunette” is simply French for “dark hair”.

Brunettes are seen as…

  • Creative
  • Tough
  • Playful
  • Mysterious
  • Responsible
  • Intelligent
  • Wise
  • Moral

Light Eyes and glasses are a plus

To me, glasses indicate nerdy nature or at least a nerdy side. Blue or Green is what I always mean by “light” when I say “light eyes”. Light eyes tell me:

  • Typically happy
  • Honest
  • Simple
  • Optimistic
  • Extroverted
  • Sociable
  • Good at Mentoring


Well, every time I post here the internet has new stuff to learn of me. Thank you all for reading this about me,



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