The History of Paid Sick Leave in America


Not only am I a person of evidence-based thinking and Nonreligious Atheism, but also I am a Free-market Liberal and a Secular-democracy Conservative and a Harsh-defense-policy Libertarian and an Extrovert-foreign-policy Individualist all at once.

All of the above is why I want to discuss the American history of the concept of Paid Sick leave

How Paid Sick Leave started in America

Paid Sick leave started with an Individualist and Voluntarist approach by 65% of employers including Microsoft and Netflix and Chipotle Grill. Source of implication being a fact here.

In other words, Paid Sick Leave in America began with corporations VOLUNTARILY granting it to their employees.

The Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Debate

Americans who want Mandatory Paid Sick Leave for workers will argue that most of Europe already does mandatory paid sick leave. But there are some basic historic observations to make about why mandatory paid sick leave is in Europe but not in America:

  1. Economic liberalism is overwhelmingly OLD in America
  2. Economic liberalism is overwhelmingly NEW in Europe
  3. Economic liberalism is as old as America itself [24 decades] in America
  4. Economic liberalism is only 7 decades of age, if not younger, in Europe
  5. The age difference means it is Economic liberalism is 3.42 times as old in America as it is in Europe

The same historic observations should be made about economic policy in general. So historical accuracy and TRUE liberalism means taking this metaphor as truth without taking it literally:

  1. America is the TEACHER of classical liberalism
  2. European Union members are America’s STUDENTS

All Paid Sick Leave must be voluntarily provided

Remember how I said in the intro that 65% of employers give employees paid sick leave? Well, that is how you know that it is legitimately effective to let paid sick leave be negotiated freely by consent between boss and worker. Only one in three employers denies paid sick leave. Two in three make sense by voluntarily providing it.


You know how I have a job and I never even think to mention my employing company by name? Well, I never will name their name here but I will clarify that the arguments made here reflect only my views and do not reflect the views of the CEOs or workers of any companies in the US Economy. Thank you,



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