Which Muslim World Countries Are Our Friends?


Yes, Republicans, there do exist Muslim World countries who can be trusted to actually perform “Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship” with We The People; but NO, Democrats, Iran is absolutely not one of them, don’t let your nuke deal with them tell you otherwise. I am going to carefully filtrate which Muslim World nations are Honest Friends and which ones are Enemy Regimes.

The Honest Friends


American-Albanian relations

  • 80% of Albanian citizens strongly approve of We The People
  • Albania is one of our top friends in sticking up for us against the bully that is Islamic Nationalism

Evidence of second bulleted point linked here

Entire article about the permissive culture that permeates Albania on The Slate linked here.

In regards to our trade policy that SHOULD be unregulated free trade:

  • We do $52 million every year of foreign trade with Albania
  • Given the $750 it costs in total to start a business in this nation, Our trade with them gives us 69,000 new jobs every year
  • Given the $464 it costs in total to start a business in that nation, Their trade with us gives them 112,000 new jobs every year


American-Algeria relations

  • Even though no clear statistic exists about what majority of Algerians approve of We The People, we still have mentally healthy diplomacy with them
  • Algeria remains one of America’s best friends in them and us sticking up for each other against the bully we call Islamic Nationalism

There do exist valid worries about Social Freedom in Algeria

There also exist valid worries about Economic Freedom in Algeria

But on the good side of Economic Policy of Algeria, I can cite evidence of these notions:

  • We do $20 billion per year of foreign trade with Algeria
  • Given the $750 it costs an individual to set up a business in America, Trade with Algeria gives us 27 million new jobs every year
  • Given the $1842 it costs an individual to set up a business in Algeria, Trade with the US gives them 11 million new jobs every year


American-Moroccan relations

Foreign Trade with Morocco remains very prevalent:

  • We do $2 billion of foreign trade with Morocco every year
  • Our $750 price of starting a business means we are enabled to build 2.7 million new American jobs by our commerce with Morocco
  • Their $275 price of starting a business means they are enabled by their commerce with We The People to set up 7.2 million new Moroccan jobs

Morocco is proving itself to be “Axis of Good” in the War on Islamic Nationalism:

  • Morocco has a zero-tolerance policy against ISIS
  • Morocco has a zero-tolerance policy against the Taliban
  • Morocco has a zero-tolerance policy against Al-Qaeda
  • Morocco is readily waging war against the Salafi movement


American-Senegalese relations

World Trends on Senegal’s current attitude toward We The People. Indication is that Senegal is presently 80% Pro-American

  • Recent History confirms that Senegal has been standing up against Islamic Nationalism right from the first sign of it assaulting America in 2001

Foreign Trade with Senegal by Americans goes like this:

  • We do $155 million worth of business with them every year
  • The $719 it costs to start a business in Senegal leads them to get 216,000 new jobs from trade with us every year
  • The $750 it costs to start a business in the US leads us to get 207,000 new jobs from trade with them every year


American-Nigerian relations

World Trends include 76% of Nigeria being favorable to We The People

As for foreign trade with Nigeria:

  • We do $42 billion worth of annual business with Nigeria
  • The $920 it costs a Nigerian to start a business indicates 46 million new jobs every year in Nigeria from trade with America
  • The $750 it costs an American to start a business indicates 56 million new jobs every year right here in America from trade with Nigeria


American-Indonesian relations

62% of Indonesia is Pro-American, indicating an honest friend [I personally put the cutoff between “Honest Friend” above the cutoff and “Mutual Respect” below the cutoff at 60% Favorable].

  • @america” is a program created to help Indonesians develop their own knowledge of the US as foreign individuals.
  • The US has done numerous things to help the Indonesians within the strictures of diplomacy and of free trade.

Speaking of free trade, American business with Indonesia goes like this:

  • Americans and Indonesians do $21 billion in total business with each other every year
  • Indonesia’s $1840 cost of starting a business means they get 11 million new jobs every year from trading with us
  • America’s $750 cost of starting a business means We The People get 28 million new jobs every year from trading with them


American-Malaysian relations

Wikipedia apparently does not account for data from 2015, which confirms that 54% of Malaysians approve of We The People. That to me spells “Mutual Respect between Malaysia and the US”, but I do not doubt that they will grow to an Honest Friend once Illiberal Progressive rhetoric in Europe and the US starts to be ignored. That’s right, I refuse to blame Islam for Malaysian neutrality to America. Instead I blame those illiberal poisons we know as Western World Progressives.

During the 1960’s, Malaysia and Philippines were at war with each other, and Malaysia did sponsor a guerrilla style militia against Philippines. But that was 50+ years ago. Nowadays Malaysia is an empathy-abiding nation, from being socially a Flawed Democracy to being economically Mostly Free.

  • Foreign Trade with Malaysia by Americans stands at an annual $44 billion
  • Malaysia’s economy has a $714 cost of starting a business that garners their economy an annual 62 million new jobs
  • Our economy has a $750 cost of starting a business that garners our economy an annual 59 million new jobs

The Enemy Regimes

Saudi Arabia

Congressman protests American blindness to Saudi Anti-Americanism

Cultural Intel director Yousaf’s case against thinking Saudis are America’s friends

‘Brown Political Review’ of how Saudi Arabia is “friend” to America and to America’s Honest friends, including to Honest Friends noted above

Freedom House’s case against the fiction that Saudi Arabia is somehow one of America’s Honest friends

Saudi Arabia sponsors ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Al-Nusra, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Evil propaganda lies Saudi Arabia nationally believes & mandates are ‘facts’:

  • “Muslims should always oppose infidels in every way”
  • “Muslims should always hate infidels for their religion for Allah’s sake
  • “Democracy is responsible for all the horrible wars of the 20th Century”
  • “Shia muslims and any muslims who are against Islamic Nationalism are infidels”

Many of We The People are stupid about Saudi Arabia and actually buy their oil and have the stupidity to sell them weapons. Ever wonder how the War On Terror is able to get prolonged for so long?

Oh did I mention – Saudi Arabia brazenly denies the brazenly obvious in its diplomatic discussions with other nations!?

Saudi Arabia has two neighbors who appear to be neutral about America but who have certain politicians in them providing Sunni Nationalism with militant money:


Iranian Sponsorship of Terror against Honest friends of America

This enemy also takes American citizens and citizens of Pro-American countries hostage

US State department report on Iran

  • Iran is the world’s financier of Shia Nationalist terror exactly as much as Saudi Arabia is the world’s financier of Sunni Nationalist terror.
  • Iran’s established military has repeatedly built and sold weapons for Hizbollah among other Shia Nationalist guerrilla militias.

In regards to the recent Iran nuclear deal:

  • Iran is guaranteed to violate the demands made to it by the deal
  • This means Iran agreed to only use nuclear power as fuel for civilian vehicles
  • And therefore Iran will violate by using nuclear power for military weapons
  • America has thrown a brand of oil onto a fire by diplomatically discussing resolution with Iran
  • Each diplomatic option is another flammable oil option
  • It is time for America to correctly use its own Fire Extinguisher against the fire as FIRST resort


Pakistani terror against America and Friends

Pakistan’s established military proudly fights alongside the Sunni Nationalist guerrillas. Their owner, Pakistan’s president, gloats about nurturing Lashkar-e-Taliba. Evidence linked here.

The other thing given facts about World Trends is that 62% of Pakistani people are devoutly hostile and opposed to the right of We The People to exist as a nation.

Pakistan and it is linked to the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban among other totalitarian, collectivist, illiberal militias.

Pakistan with its callous disregard for human life in terms of weapon-types.

Pakistan putting up a facade of not knowing whose side its on in the War On Terror.

If currently Theodore Roosevelt were president, and William T Sherman in charge of the US Military, then US handling of Pakistan would legit make sense, now wouldn’t it?


Syrian-sponsored terror against America’s Honest Friends

  • The Syrian regime has been sponsoring acts of terror against Israel and other honest friends of America since 1979
  • This means they have been okaying terrorism for 37 years so far
  • And the Sarin gas attack Bashar al-Assad used to instill cancer into many Syrians was most likely motivated by him wanting to shut down Syrian calls for him to adopt a policy toward OECD members like Israel of mutual respect between nations

Syria has a similar callous disregard for human life to that which Pakistan has. Including:

  • Syria’s use of weapons of mass destruction
  • Syria’s vast espousing of Shia Nationalism
  • Syria’s repeat sponsoring of Shia Nationalist militias
  • Syria’s only honest friend being Shia Nationalism’s birthplace of Iran

Even Russia does not seem to look at Syria as much more than another nation to sell weapons to.

  • Where is Sherman when America and Friends all need him?


Qatar-sponsored terror against America and Friends

  • Qatari government sponsors Al-Qaeda in part
  • Qatari government sponsors ISIS in part
  • Qatari government sponsors Hamas, Israel’s biggest Sunni Nationalist enemy, in part
  • Qatari government is believed by some like Steven Cook to only sponsor terror to remain independent from Saudi Arabia

Organically, that government denies having anything to do with Sunni Nationalism.

Also Qatari regime is a big financier for the Al-Nusra front.


Sudan-sponsored terror against America and Friends

  • Al-Qaeda elements are often tolerated by Sudan
  • Omar al-Bashir and his regime have been sponsoring terror for 23 years by now
  • He also allows Hamas to freely conduct Sunni Nationalist violations of the US’s Honest Friends
  • Al-Shabaab, known for their violations of civilians in Somalia, frequently includes Sudanese citizens as members of their operations

The acts of Terror Sudan is known for are all parts of the Second Sudan Civil War, particularly the Darfur War.

What we need to do with Sudan to make it stop its evil:

  1. Roosevelt’s Big Stick Diplomacy toward Mr. Bashir
  2. Sherman’s March to the Sea against his regime

Palestinian Authority

Palestinian Political Violence against America and Friends

  • The Sunni-Nationalist militia Hamas
  • The Shia-Nationalist militia Hizbollah

Exactly Seven in Ten Palestinians hold a callous disregard for American human life

Hizbollah’s top financiers:

  1. Iran
  2. Syria

Hamas’s top financiers [85% funded by]:

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Kuwait
  4. Qatar
  5. Jordan

In 2011, 18 years after Hamas lied about the purpose of US involvement overseas, it was calculated that Hamas gets $70 billion every year in total funding.

Reckless, shameful and traitorous funding [the other 15%]:

  1. France
  2. Italy
  3. America
  4. Germany
  5. Britain

In example, with the Palestinian Government’s version of SWAT and closes thing they have to an established military, Palestinian National Security Force, is recklessly funded by America but more so by Italy. The latter even made the mistake of training this force two years ago.


Turkey sponsoring terror mostly in Turkistan, or Central Asia

World Trends in Turkey:

Turkey is a violent murderer in regard to its plans for that Nonreligious-majority friend we have and know as Israel:

Evidence also exists of Turkey behaving like an ally of ISIS, evidence gathered by our friends in the Czech Republic.

To close up my addressing of Turkey:

  • Turkey is not at all fit to be among OECD
  • Turkey is also not fit to be among NATO
  • Turkey is fighting against Russia precisely because of Russia’s seriousness about crushing Islamic Nationalism
  • America and Friends can only address Turkey this way:
    • Big Stick Diplomacy to try to get them to stop supporting Islamic Nationalism
    • If they don’t stop, then conduct a March To The Sea campaign against Turkey


Now every American and possibly many foreigners can access some reality-based intellectualism on which Muslim World nations are the true friends of We The People. On the same page one may find the facts about which nations in the same cultural bloc are enemies of We The People. So… yes, the US ought to reform to a Third-Way foreign policy in the Muslim World that actually takes the time to recognize who is a friend and who is not a friend. Next time I do some essay like this it may most likely be about who is a friend and who is not in East Asia. But in the mean time thank you all for reading,



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