Why Rand Paul needed to be the GOP Nominee


Remember how I said I give up on the GOP and will stick to the LP for the rest of my life? Well, I want to clarify what differences between the LP and Rand there are. I also want to use these differences as the evidence that Rand Paul needed to be the GOP Nominee for president.

Rand Paul’s Loyalty to the Bill of Rights

Rand Paul would have been the first president since the Founding Fathers to defend the entire Bill of Rights. Rand Paul also shares Marco Rubio’s loyalty to the Constitutional Safeguards of Civil Rights, as far as I can tell.

He is not going to deport US-born US citizens for being any particular religion like Donald Trump. Rand Paul also does not believe in violating 4th Amendment rights left and right like Marco believes in. Rand Paul even uttered the best sentence ever about treating LGBT individuals on basis of the same standard as fellow straight folks:

Look, I don’t want my guns or my marriage registered with government.

—Rand Paul

He basically says its illegal for government to legislate morality by the same standard it’s illegal for government to legislate equality. In the marriage debate he wants to take the government out of marriage and instead make an institution along individualist and voluntarist lines. Basically Privatizing marriage, exactly what I want with marriage.

I ask people who are against privatizing marriage this: If marriage was a private institution organized along middle-ground individualist and voluntarist lines would you nationalize it? Would you push for it to be a government institution organized along either far-right conservative lines or far-left progressive lines?

Rand Paul’s Fiscal Conservatism and Economic Individualism

Back when he had a presidential campaign, Rand Paul presented himself as the biggest Fiscal Conservative on the stage. And he is. He knows as I do that every aspect of taxation is terrible and needs to be demolished and started over from scratch. He shares my support for a Flat tax where every individual making a certain 5-digit amount of annual money or more should pay a low rate, with every individual making less than that owing no tax. Australia has a system wherein every Australian making $18,200 annually owes no tax. I would have Americans making $100,000 or more pay 25% and Americans making less than that owe no tax. Rand Paul would have Americans making $50,000 or more pay 15%. Well, actually its 14.5% but I like to work only with integers. And he would not charge tax on people like me who currently make a lot less than $50,000 annually. He also wants to demolish the regulatory burden that makes it so difficult to create jobs for individuals.

Rand Paul on Foreign Policy

Marco Rubio once claimed that Rand Paul is a committed isolationist. Allow me to explain these political labels to Marco and anyone else who thinks Rand Paul is isolationist:

  • Isolationism basically means merging Non-interventionist foreign policy with economic nationalism and walled borders and protectionism in trade. Rand Paul believes in economic freedom and unregulated free trade and he favors a middle ground border policy that expands both border security and freedom of travel.
  • Political Realism, the foreign policy philosophy that Rand Paul identifies with, has four basic principles to it:
    • The historic, current, and future world order was, is, and always will be anarchy
    • Nations are the most important actors
    • All nations are thinking actors who pursue self-interest and maintenance of as many resources as possible
    • Nations build up militaries for the number-one concern of survival.
  • Rand Paul supports certain US military bases on some foreign soils based on his Realist foreign policy views.

Not to mention Rand clarified in an interview that he does not want to intervene everywhere militarily and also does not want to intervene nowhere militarily [like his Dad] and instead he strives to be somewhere in the middle.

And one more thing: He wanted to raise military spending by something so menial as 30%. Also motivated by his Realist philosophy.


So I must say – How dare the Republican Party refuse to make Rand Paul their nominee for the 2016 presidential candidacy. Thank you all for reading though,



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