Ways Government should fund its programs


Not only do I believe that the only morally legit government programs are fire-fighters, police, prisons, military & other national defenses, and science progression. But I also believe that there are about a dozen ways government should fund its programs and mandatory taxations like the income tax are not among this dozen. Allow me to elaborate what I am referring to.


A cooperative is basically a group that voluntarily meets to raise money for a cause. Now this may sound similar to charity, but here is the difference: Charities are typically Non-profit. Cooperatives are typically For-profit. Another similarity cooperatives have to charity is both kinds of organization are operated as democracies.


Basically the same as cooperatives but with no profit involved. Must I explain further?

Usage Fees

Sewage Treatment, Tap Water, Parking Meters, and Toll Roads all have something in common: They all come with something called usage fees. I say government should own these things and operate them for revenue instead of forcing tax dollars out of us.


In this nation, lotteries are used to great effect by the government to market to people who feel lucky every now and then. Historically, that is how this nation raised revenue on top of the next thing I wish to speak of: Consumption Tax

Consumption Tax

Consumption Tax is, in essence, a tax on a spending margin. For example, if I built a custom design costume, or cosplay, and the build cost was totaled at $85 and I sold it to someone for $200, the tax would apply to the $115 difference as a percentage.

Voluntary tax

With a voluntary tax, one can choose to pay a tax and have government services or one can choose to refuse government service by refusing to pay taxes, and either way the person being offered government service will not suffer legal penalties.

Land Sale

Government owns enough land that if it sold all of it to individuals who govern themselves, then the government would make a pretty huge sum. Therefore government should make use of this attribute soon. If not now.


Thank you all for reading this essay of mine,



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