Hello Quizzy has two very comprehensive political quizzes


There is a website called Hello Quizzy, and on it are two tests I find amusingly comprehensive: The Politics Test, and The Foreign Policy School Test. This post is about encouraging people to take these two quizzes.

The Politics Test

This one is one page with 160 questions, well not questions but opinions, and for each one the option is Strongly Agree, Generally Agree, Generally Disagree, or Strongly Disagree. I chose the strongly agree and strongly disagree answers based on which opinions do make sense to me and which ones do not, and these were my results:

Domestic Policy me

I am in the middle of the bottom tile of the four that are boxed in red. Meaning I desire a government that is a secular republic that is extremely limited to the extent of defending one’s population.

I do not want to abolish the government. I just want it to be secular, and to be a minarchism-based republic that is permeated by free markets and permissive societies. Wherein the US Constitution is respected in a literalist manner in regard to all Articles, the full Preamble, and in regard to its Safeguards of Liberty, of Justice, and of Civil Rights.

I just want a government that is an utterly loyal Secularist Republic to the Non-Aggression Principle.

The Foreign Policy School Test

This other one is the one that’s broken into three pages: Institutions, Ideals, and Force. Here is how I answered based respectively on my supports for National Independence, Honest Friendship, and Right of Self Defense:

  • I answered the United Nations questions with ultimate disapproval of the UN as a tyrannical collection of Politically Correct double-standard addicts and National Independence violators. Which is what they are by the way.
  • I answered the global law questions without any support for New World Order, meaning I answered these questions in accordance with the US Declaration of Independence.
  • I answered the ideals questions with the ideals of Free Trade and Honest Friendship with other nations in mind. See, this means I answered with questions like “Do friends defend each other against all dangers?” and “Do friends like bartering with each other?” in mind.
  • I answered the force questions accordingly to the principle that Honest Friends do and will defend each other against all bullies and all aggressors. I also answered on the principle that a nation should only wage war as a brief, but overwhelming and ruthless, retaliatory defense against present, near-future, and far-future aggressions, meaning I believe it is justified to retaliate militarily against tyrannical nations like Iran and North Korea who violate the Non-Aggression Principle.

But, even though I do not call myself even remotely a Neocon, this is the result I got anyways:

Foreign Policy me

No, I do not call myself a Neocon because neocons believe in liberation wars, long-term military occupation, and nation-building. They support the feel-good policy of redeeming corrupt governments, unlike me. As for me I support the do-good policy of ending tyrannical governments who violate the non-aggression axiom.


Now, you may wonder how I answered the questions on the one-page “The Politics test” quiz with 160 questions. Believe it or not I like that 160-Q quiz far more than the libertarian purity test by Bryan Caplan.

Let me link you to the quizzes The Politics Test here and The Foreign Policy School Test here. So yes, you can click these links to learn and answer the quizzes and figure out your ID in each field and/or you can ask me what exactly I think on the issues on either quiz. Thank you all,



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