Comparing Teenagers to Nations


So… this morning I Google the question “do friends defend each other?”

And, the very first result has, exactly as I predicted, nothing to do with nations who are true friends and everything to do instead with teenage individuals who are true friends.

I will link you to the teens-focused article here. I am no longer a teen, in fact I am turning 22 on May 6 of 2016, which would be… 59 days after the day of this post where in the world I am.

Any criticisms of this article before we begin? Yes. Insults are insults, which are their own thing, wholly separate from abuse. Legitimate abuse is of course actual violent crimes and/or property crimes, things you are biologically NOT capable of “agreeing with them and laughing about”.

Alright now that my one problem with this article I linked to is out of the way… let us begin comparing.

Sample Situation

Picture this: Morocco is having a friendly debate with Spain in a Spanish convention center about the role in the world of America. Suddenly a legion of Saudi Arabian-sponsored guerrillas raids the convention center and murders every member of both sides of the debate, for no reasons other than Spain’s official secularism and Morocco’s vast hostility to Islamic Nationalism as a Moderate-muslim regime. But once America hears about it, America stays silent. Or worse, America arrogantly continues to buy oil from and sell weapons to Saudi Arabia. What should Morocco and Spain do?

Standing Up For yourselves & Each Other

Nations and their populations need to realize that if no one stands up, the abuse will persist. You will need to join together in temporary military alliance using overwhelming, retaliatory force to end the initial aggressor. Or gather other nations who will actually stick up for you to join you in, again, only a temporary alliance. Why only temporary though? Because of advice from our founder George Washington against making permanent military alliances. Military alliance is not the same thing as an honest & simple friendship.

Talking to us about feeling betrayed

As a civilian-citizen of the US, I would be perfectly fine with Morocco and Spain feeling betrayed by us if this situation were actually happening, which thankfully it is not. Just like I am perfectly fine with Israel, Japan, and other friends of America who are actually in similar situations at present feeling betrayed by America:

  • Most of the most Pro-American nations on Earth are skeptical of us
  • Most of the most Pro-American nations on Earth feel betrayed by us due to our recent policies of pacifism toward the most abusive nations on Earth
  • The most Pro-American nations on Earth have every right to tell us to have the courage to undo a bullying aggressor’s acts of injustice
  • There is too much evil and legit abuse being sponsored by authoritarian theocracies today, and it will never go away of nations who are friends do not defend each other
  • Please, foreign-country friends of America, explain to us how hurt you are when we do not stand up for you against tyrannies’ wars of aggression on you.

Finding nations who will support you

As an American, I advise to foreign-country friends of America that if my country continues to lethally disappoint you, then please… unfriend us and find a different Western Civilizational world-power to gleefully chatter with and to look up to as a mentor. True friends support each other, with and without military alliances. Friends can look at your situation and instantly recognize that the situation is directly hurting you. Friends are the ones, in this case nations, who love you like a sibling or at least like a cousin.

As an individual with Asperger’s, a NON-disease and CHARACTER TRAIT that wires the human brain to value intellectual capacity and question of principle over social skills and question of popularity, I myself have learned this on an individual human beings level in the final months of my High School career:

  • The individuals who are actually my friends will learn to recognize the pain a bad situation is bringing me, and that if someone I like chatting with is not helping me with any physical, mental or legal pain I am suffering, then they are not a friend.

Yes, every nation on Earth has flaws of one kind or another, but the ones who are your friends are the ones who will refrain from ever truly hurting you, and also the nations who are your friends refuse to ever sponsor acts of aggression against you as well.


This is not militaristic politics, this is principles of friendship drawn from scientific sources like empathy and anthropology. If I see a very close friend of mine being violated by some creep, I am ruthlessly and remorselessly retaliating against the creep until he backs down and leaves my good friend alone. To me, it is no different for nations who are provenly true friends of each other than it is for individuals who are provenly true friends of each other. Thank for the read,



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